Coconut oil can give you the appearance of a person 10 years younger if you use it for 2 weeks this way

Among the foods that have a large number of nutritional and cosmetic surprises, we can, of course, mention coconut. The oil of this very popular exotic fruit has a lot of benefits for the skin. Discover in this article its different uses to improve your well-being in two weeks only.

A very good way to reduce wrinkles

Wrinkles are part of the unwanted effects of time and are able to ruin the smooth and hydrated appearance of the face. This is where the coconut oil comes in since it is able to restore the skin’s softness and elasticity. To do this, simply apply it every night before going to bed by gently massaging your face with circular movements.

It has been demonstrated, through various scientific tests, that coconut oil has the power to infiltrate deep into the dermal tissues and to reach collagen more specifically, thus ensuring a repair as well. prompt than effective. What you should know is that collagen is a crucial element in the constitution of our skin; it is actually a protein that gives the epidermis its smooth appearance and elasticity. And as we expose ourselves to various factors that may be harmful to it, such as smoking, pollution, ultraviolet rays or even everyday injuries, it is essential to push the body to reproduce it in order to mitigate its effects. damage. It is also important to mention the key role played by the presence of antioxidants in this oil, which is to chase the free radicals responsible for skin aging and inhibit their development.

Useful for preventing the early aging of the skin

If a skin ages much faster than it should, it is not at all a coincidence. So, coconut oil can help you stop the road to skin aging thanks to its many benefits. To do this, coat your neck, hands and all areas exposed to pollution and massage deeply. This action will be repeated 3 times a week.

Once applied, it is a protective layer against environmental factors that can damage it. Tissue oxidation is also prevented by the effect of the antioxidants it abounds.

A good remedy against varicose veins

If varicose veins are part of your daily problems, know that you are very far from being a unique case. But do not worry, because applying coconut oil on it has the effect of reducing their traces in a completely natural way. Simply smear the skin and massage enough to stimulate blood flow to the affected area each night before sleep.

A weight ally against cellulite

If there is a recurring skin problem in women, it is cellulite, for the simple reason that it can easily give the skin a less harmonious appearance. Daily massages with coconut oil are therefore a good solution to boost blood circulation in these places and minimize the effect “orange peel”.

Beneficial for yellowed nails

Being in good health also means having nails in great shape, which can easily be discolored. Vitamin E in the oil will not only moisturize but also restore their color. It is also effective in strengthening and maintaining them on a daily basis.

An alternative to conventional night creams

Opting for completely natural skincare is a clever alternative to probably more expensive cosmetics. Indeed, this allows for a simple way to achieve effective results, namely the rejuvenation, softening and hydration of your skin. To prepare a night cream, you will need:

  • 1 cup whole coconut oil
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of tea tree oil

All you have to do is mix it up and apply it every night at bedtime.


using an essential oil, always carry out a preliminary skin test on a thin part of the skin (hollow of the elbow or inner wrist) to avoid any allergic reaction.