If you find this man, marry him. He will be the best father for your children

Marriage is a commitment of love and tenderness. However, it should not be taken lightly, as it is a decision that offers a sustainable future to the relationship. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right person, especially when one wishes to found a family and to have children.

The first thing is to have the same expectations, the same goals of life and to be able to compromise so that each partner can flourish. Likewise, the other must be a real support, a shoulder on which to count in good and bad times. And this is even more important for a woman when she is pregnant. So here’s the person you need to marry: 

  • Marry the person who will support you during the morning sickness, bringing you small biscuits and a basin (just in case), 
  • Marry the person who will calm you during your tantrums and dry your tears when the hormones upset you, 
  • Marry the person who will bring you chocolate or passion fruit when your desires become obsessive, 
  • Marry the person who will watch with you this show about newborns, childbirth, diapers, good educational gestures, etc … 
  • Marry the person who will not hesitate to learn about the best ways to get involved in pregnancy, 
  • Marry the person who will help you to get hairy when you have a huge stomach or after a cesarean section 
  • Marry the person who will feel the same love as you at the sight of your baby,
  • Marry the person who will always take care of his wife and children first, 
  • Marry the person who will tell you the things you need to hear at the best time, 
  • Marry the person who will be preparing breakfast the day after night to nurse, 
  • Marry the person who will always find you beautiful, even in jogging or pajamas,
  • Marry the person who will know you by heart and who will accept you anyway, 
  • Marry the person who will know the sleeping habits of your children, or their speech problems with as much intensity as you, 
  • Marry the person who will see your tiredness and let you rest, 
  • Marry the person who will encourage you in your role as wife, wife, mother and in your professional career, 
  • Marry the person who will look at the child you had together and say, “We’re doing one again?” ” 
  • Marry the person whose future plans and happiness are related to you. 

In conclusion, marry the person whose feelings will be mutual, who will respect you and cherish you for your true value. Besides, know that the unconscious plays a major role in love. According to Bruno Humbeeck, psychopedagogue and author of the book ”  The good choice in love – the strength of the unconscious  “, there are different kinds of unconscious lovers : the biological unconscious in connection with the physical attraction, the psychological unconscious with the feelings, the social unconscious with the values ​​and the education and the imaginary unconscious where the scripting of the love relationship is made. So while this unconscious allows us to find the right person, it can also distort our judgment, so it is essential to ask the right questions before committing yourself.