6 sacrifices that you should never do in a romantic relationship!

A relationship is illustrated by mutual respect, love, trust and compromise. Yet some people confuse compromises with sacrifices. But to give everything without counting is to take the risk of losing oneself. So, here are 6 things you should never sacrifice in a couple!

Indeed, some people, generally suffering from low self-esteem, feel the unconscious need to exist in the eyes of others. And to do this, they are capable of all sacrifices. Yet here are the things you should never sacrifice: 

  1. Your goals in life

Being in a relationship with someone does not mean giving up their goals in life. On the contrary, the other is supposed to encourage you to reach your dreams and realize your ambitions. So, if your partner constantly incites you to put aside everything you want to do, on the pretext that it will drive you away from him, run away! You are the only one to decide what you want and need to do. If, on the other hand, you want to stay together when you have different life goals, make sure you find a compromise where each partner finds himself or herself without one or the other being obliged to do so. give up his dreams. 

  1. Your independence

Although we all have a different conception of the couple, there is one thing we must preserve: our independence. Indeed, it is possible to be in a relationship, to be faithful and to make decisions for two without losing its independence. The goal is to find a balance between your life together and your life. 

  1. Your friendships 

It can be complicated in a single day to spend time with your work, family, friends and partner. And that, the other is supposed to understand it since he lives the same thing. Yet, some have a biased view of the couple and they think they have to go before everything else. But, far from being the reality of things, it should be remembered that friendships are important for the balance of a person. Moreover, they make it easier to find the loved one so remember that in a healthy relationship, each partner has the right to social life and to friends. 

  1. your identity

Obviously, it is normal to appropriate the mimics and expressions of the other, to make the same gestures and to change in his presence. However, we must not confuse evolution and change. Indeed, it is unhealthy to be in a relationship where one completely loses one’s way of being to satisfy the other, to please him more and to improve the relationship naively. Far from improving the relationship, it perverts it. So, never give up on your identity, stay yourself in any case. Either the other accepts you as you are, or he goes away. You’re better than you think!

  1. Your passions

In a relationship, it is normal to share activities with others but also to have your own passions and hobbies. So, if the other person does not give you the opportunity to take time to carry out your favorite activities or makes you feel guilty, under the pretext that you have to spend time with him or because of jealousy, it is that there is a problem. In fact, to love one another does not mean to give up one’s passions and the things one likes to do. On the contrary, you should be curious to discover each other’s hobbies in order to improve your complicity and to discover each other in a new light. 

  1. Your health 

No relationship, be it friendly, family or romantic, should compromise your health and well-being. Indeed, if your partner has real feelings of love towards you, your health and happiness will be his priorities. Conversely, a person who does not care or manipulates you will destroy you little by little. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and to flee the relationship if the other makes you unhappy, hurts you and affects your health. 

In conclusion, if you end up making such sacrifices, it is because the person you are with does not deserve you. Always remember that asking the other to give up the above-mentioned things is to ask him to give up who he really is!