10 little things that actually mean a lot in a romantic relationship

Although it is sometimes nice to put small dishes in the big ones and, for example buy an extravagant gift, plan a surprise getaway for a special occasion or surprise the other with a romantic gesture, they cannot be the only ones things on which a relationship is based.

What is much more essential to a relationship than all these things that we see in the movies is the simple fact of being attentive! Be attentive to the things that the other tells us. Pay attention to what the other person is feeling. And be attentive to what makes the other smile.

If you have found a partner who is really attentive to you , then you can trust them to always stay by your side.

He is someone who understands the importance of little things because they are those that we do simply out of love for the other, not for a special occasion or with secret designs.

Here are 10 little romantic things that, in reality, say a lot about a relationship:

1. Write words of love

Yes, I know that we are no longer in high school. But that’s precisely why no one expects to wake up or sit in their car and find a little piece of paper saying simply “I love you”. It’s simple. It costs nothing. And you can leave it anywhere to surprise your other half. It is a sure way to make a smile appear on his face.

2. Listen

When our relationship is healthy, we rely on each other’s constant love, support and advice. And in certain situations, the best that we can hope for from our partner is that they sincerely listen to what we have to say, without saying a word by simply allowing us to say what we have on our hearts. .

3. Do this thing that the other person really wants to do

Whether it’s watching this series that your partner loves or going to a game that doesn’t really interest you or just trying this restaurant you’ve been talking about for a century. I know you are not interested in these activities, but do them anyway (and remember to keep smiling while doing so).

4. Send a message to say hello

Do this the minute you wake up. Let him know that it is the first thought that crosses your mind when you open your eyes. Not only will it brighten his day, but in addition, his response will certainly brighten yours.

5. Reinforce your words with actions. Be trustworthy

The best spouse is the one you can always count on . You know he will always be there for you. You know that he will be your greatest support in times of need.

You know he will be there in situations where no one else is there. And you will never find yourself alone, wondering if he will keep his promises, if he will do what he said or crash you at the last minute because he is that unique person you can trust!

6. Be considerate

Many of us tend to ignore the importance of being considerate in a romantic relationship. Life is full of changes, for all of us and sometimes, we are so busy with our daily life that we begin to lose sight of the importance of working to make our other half happy. And that’s when the passion and excitement of the beginnings begin to fade.

If you really want it to work, learn the tastes of the other. Support each other in difficult times and encourage yourself thinking better times. Pay attention to the small details.

Do those little things that you know will make your partner happy. Being considerate will allow you to love and bond more deeply with those around you.

7. Be patient with your partner

If you hope to build a strong relationship with someone, patience is the quality you will need most. Patience is what will help you learn about each other and understand your differences.

Patience is what helps a person to adapt and also to remain calm during this adaptation process. Patience is what can help a couple to have constructive discussions rather than unnecessary arguments.

8. Be honest

Honesty is a quality that everyone you meet in your life will demand from you. You may not be able to meet everyone’s expectations on this point, but it is essential to show such quality towards the person who will be the most special in your life. Being honest with your partner will allow you to show him that you respect him enough to be sincere with him.

It doesn’t mean you have to tell her everything, without any consideration for her feelings. You must choose your words carefully but also make sure that your partner knows that, whatever the situation, you will always give him an honest answer.

9. Make your partner feel safe

I am not only talking here about physical security but also emotional security. Your partner must feel secure about sharing their deepest secrets with you.

He must feel comfortable with the idea of ​​revealing to you the darkest parts of his personality, without being afraid of your judgment. He should also feel comfortable speaking and opening up to you about anything that comes to mind.

10. Always want to find compromises

It’s not completely wrong to say that you have to keep accounts with the person you choose to be with, but that doesn’t mean that you will automatically start loving each other. When you really care about someone and their happiness, you always want to watch, do and experience the things that person appreciates.