10 original ways to declare your love

If spontaneity is the best way to declare one’s love, some people need a little help. You are in the right place! Here are the top 10 original ways to declare your love. Enough to make this moment unforgettable.

1 – The wild declaration

Often, the best to declare his love is the moment when the other does not expect it at all. In the metro, on the chairlift, in an elevator, in short, an unusual place … Place your lover against a wall and say “I love you, you are the one I have always been waiting for …” Savagery, surprise, and passion.

2 – The class declaration

Do you want to do things right? May your man remember this moment forever? Bet on a restaurant, a romantic weekend, a night in a 4-star hotel with champagne and jacuzzi… enough to mark him for life!

3 – The old-fashioned declaration

Do you like words, do you have a knack for writing? So write a beautiful and long love letter to your partner. If he is sensitive, it will touch him deeply. Unlike beautiful words that fly away, writings remain. He can therefore keep it and reread it regularly …

4 – The original declaration

One morning when you have to leave for work earlier than him, organize a sort of treasure hunt with post-it notes. Leave one on the bedroom door, another in the bathroom, the hallway … Guide it to the fridge on which you will have stuck a final post-it to declare your love to him.

5 – Chinese biscuit

You know those little cookies that you slip a nice little note into. Slip an “I love you” in it. Guaranteed effect!

6 – The first meeting

To declare your love for him, come back to the place of your first meeting. Recreate the scene, the atmosphere, gaze into his, and tell him how much he means to you.

7 – A video

Nothing is more moving than a video montage of your best moments spent together. Put on a particular song, YOUR song, and at the end, film yourself declaring your love for it. Of course, he will be very moved…

8 – A lip dub

Lip dub has been all the rage in recent years. Get the whole family and loved ones together and do some rehearsals so that everyone dances the same way. A very touching initiative!

9 – The declaration of the mirror

A great classic that always has its effect. When you get out of the shower and there is steam everywhere, write on your finger “I love you”.

10 – Breakfast in bed

Nothing like a breakfast in bed to confess your love to him. Bring him what he likes best on a platter. And you in a pretty nightie as a bonus …