10 original ways to say I love you

There are many ways to make love declarations! How about a slightly different and original approach to what you usually do? Here are our 10 original ways to say I love you to his love!

1) Draw him/her a heart in his coffee

Draw him a pretty heart with cream for his coffee or his hot chocolate in the morning.

2) Write I love you on the sand

Leave a trace of your love on the sand, and the waves will take your message of love to the bottom of the ocean.

3) A heart shaped croque-monsieur

Do you remember the dishes in the shape of faces that we were made as a child? What if you did the same thing with your darling to show him your love?

4) A sign on the side of the road

What if you put a heart-shaped sign on the road for your beloved? Very original attention, of course, but stay vigilant on the road!

5) For math freaks

A declaration of love that would melt the hearts of the most playful of you!

6) Form a heart with objects

A very touching and very poetic statement! Imagine a heart with the objects of your house!

7) Give him/her a word of love

A rather classic statement but one that will always please your darling!

8) Draw a heart in the snow

If you are going to the mountains this winter, why not leave a trace of your love in the snow?

9) Write I love you with lipstick

Take lipstick and write a sweet note on a mirror in your home!

10) A heart-shaped balloon

You can also give him a nice heart-shaped balloon! A nice touch which will also brighten up your home.

We hope these little ideas have inspired you and made you want to do more to surprise your darling!