10 questions only a man truly in love has the courage to answer

Are you sure you really love me, how did it happen?

Even a man truly in love is often not clear about his loving feelings. It is about the culture, the dominant machismo and a false idea of ​​what it is to “be a man.” In a macho culture, being sentimental is not well seen, so men are not usually very expressive.

For this reason, many times the woman has to be guided by the signs of a man in love in silence. Do you really love me You love Me? They are basic questions of a woman who thinks about her future and does not want to waste time with an insecure man.

How does a man truly in love act? Faced with a direct question of this type, without hesitation, without hesitation, he says yes. Yes, I love you, I am completely sure of that. If you stay silent or evade the topic, you may be very macho or unsure.

A man truly in love talks about his future with you

When you ask him, how do you imagine your future? If he is truly in love, he will tell you his vision, of the future, in which you are always present. How do you see yourself in five years from now? Going on vacation with you, my love. Playing with our children. You and me together, becoming better people.

These questions only a man in love will be able to answer you. If he answers these 10 questions, congratulations, he’s really in love with you. Bear in mind that the man who is truly in love is capable of waiting.

What does your family think of me, because everyone already knows me, right?


How is a man really in love with a woman? He is sincere, his answers are direct and quick. What do your parents think of me? What does your mom think? It is very good that you ask these questions. But the fact that you already know his family says a lot positive about your boyfriend.

He can be a very shy man in love, so look at his attitudes. An expressive and in love man will openly tell you about the impression you made on his family. He will especially tell you what his parents think.

Have you already thought about marriage, how you would like your wife to be?

Would you like to get married one day? This question is very sensitive for a man. Even if they feel that you are the love of their life, they may have difficulties in answering you. Men are very reluctant to formality, although they see themselves together with a woman for life.

If you know that he is not a shy or not very expressive man and he answers that he does not know, that “maybe”. It is clear that he does not love you enough to think about something serious like marriage with you. One of the symptoms of a man truly in love is his security with you.

Have you already thought if you want to have children, how many children would you like to have?

A man truly in love will always give you priority in all his thoughts and plans. Even if a man says he doesn’t want children, when he meets the right woman, he can change his mind. If he really loves you, he will think of you as the mother of his children.

If he tells you that, before the children I want to ensure my professional future, he is not avoiding you. You are just being very responsible. Maybe he is thinking of a great lifestyle with you. In that case, don’t just support him, but take care of yours as a self-sufficient woman.

Does it make you angry that I ask you these questions about the future?

One of the characteristics of a man truly in love is his way of treating the woman he loves. His sincerity will be even anger, he may not agree with you. He is not going to make up his emotions to look good to you.

It may not be your time to answer these questions. You may have other priority topics you want to focus on. If he gets upset, he cares; if he is indifferent, it is because he does not feel enough love. Observe their body attitude, don’t just listen to their words.

Would you like us to go on a trip together one of these days?

One of the symptoms of a man truly in love is his enthusiasm for everything you propose to him. If he looks at you with a smile and says yes, then of course, he loves you. You are their priority in something that is only done with important people in life.

How does a man truly in love with a woman act? For example, traveling is a good way to increase the trust and love of a partner. A man who just wants to hang out will not think of a trip that is a more intimate and serious commitment.

There is a party for my promotion next weekend, do you want to go with me?

It may be that the party is his promotion, in that case you have to wait for him to propose to accompany him. You can also be very bold and subtle asking smiling, which of your friends are you going to take to your party? Always smile, it is the best sign that your love is on the right track.

If he answers you, of course my love, there is nothing more to think about. He wants to show himself with you, he is sure of you. If he tells you that he will be busy, it means that he has other priorities.

What do you like about me, for example now, do you like the way I look?

It is important that you ask this question regardless of how you are dressed, groomed or not. A man truly in love loves you in all circumstances. It will tell you that you are beautiful no matter if you are dressed up or not. He doesn’t love you for how you look, but for what he sees you to be.

Tell me, how was today, did you have a good time or did you have any difficulties?

When you ask your partner questions, it is from love, not from mistrust or lack of it. You don’t need to feel insecure about his love to ask these questions. If you really love that man, you will be interested in how he feels, how he spends his days and what he is thinking about.

One of the characteristics of a man truly in love is that a glance is enough to tell you how his day went. If it’s too short, they don’t feel as confident with you. On the other hand, if it abounds in descriptions, then, it is telling you that you are the woman in whom it wants to support itself emotionally.