16 phrases that only a man in love utters, tries to hide his love

1.- It would be good if we go out with friends next Saturday

Always, a man in love utters things to keep you close. She doesn’t directly tell you that she likes you, but she does her best to be close to you. It can be just a friend, or your best friend. But he treats you differently. You are his center in his social life.

There are some phrases that only a man in love utters. Even though I am trying to hide it. They can be just gestures that reveal nothing. That is why you have not realized what is going on inside him. But if his relationship with friends continually begins with you, there is something more than just friendship.

2.- Phrase that only a man in love utters: I need to see you, but I don’t know if I should


One of the signs of a man in love in silence is his need to be with you. You are going to invent reasons, you are going to seem casual, just a friend. But when he says “but I don’t know if he should”, he is referring to the strong feelings that fight to get out when he is with you.

3.- I’ve been here for a while, I’m very proud of you

Many times when a man is in love he silently behaves like your best friend. You are afraid to use those words that directly express your love. It may be because they are afraid of being rejected and losing you as a friend. But the word pride is used only if one loves.

4.- Let’s go to the college party, it could be a fun date


Friends call each other and agree to go to a party, but they don’t use the word date. If your friend is talking about a party as a date, it is for him. The things that a man in love says refer to some plan they have. If he’s making plans with you, it’s for something.

5.- The meeting is over, but don’t leave if you don’t want to

This is one of the classic phrases of a man in love for a woman who does not want to show her love. How does a man truly in love act? He does not want to separate from you. You’re about to leave, but deep down he wants you to stay with him.

6.- Friend, see you, take good care of yourself

A man in love pronounces the same phrases as any friend but he does it in a different way. “Take care of yourself” is a very common phrase. But a man truly in love says it as if to say, I care about you, I don’t want anything to happen to you.

7.- I was just listening to a song, I remembered you and decided to call you

The things that a man in love says makes them sound like they are casual. This phrase actually means that he is always thinking of you, but now he had the courage to call you. Hello, by chance I remembered something you said the other time and decided to call you. I’m watching a movie, reading a book … and it reminded me of you.

8.- It’s late, have you eaten?

It is the classic, man in love pronounces the words in an innocent and casual way. It is one of the signs of a man in love in silence. He is expressing his concern for your well-being. Have you eaten? It may mean, I invite you to eat. Obviously he wants to spend time with you.

9.- All this weekend I have felt strange without you

The things that a man in love says express what his heart is crying out for. He is not going to tell you directly because he loves you silently. You may be afraid of not being reciprocated for the good friendship you have. But, “I have felt strange without you”, are words that only a man in love utters.

10.- See you next Monday in class, I wish you a beautiful weekend

When a man is in love in silence he does not express his love to you, but he expresses his wishes for you. Actually what I would like is to spend the weekend with you telling you how much I love you. But he does not want to give away, he feels a very crazy love that makes him lose his sanity.

11.- My mother told me that she wants to meet you

For his mother to want to meet you, he must have told her a lot about you. One of the signs of a man really in love is that he talks about the person he loves with someone. But it doesn’t tell you directly. He just talks about her and when he is confident it shows.

12.- That looks very heavy, let me help you

When a man is in love he silently expresses his love with actions. He wants to serve, to help, to be with the one he loves. This is one of the strongest signs of a man’s feelings for a woman. The things that a man in love says show his genuine and sincere love.

13.- What do you think if we don’t go to class today, we go to see movies

Nothing says “I like your company” than a proposal to stay together and alone watching movies. The words of a man in love with a woman always have to do with both of them, with no one else. A man in love utters words excluding himself from friends only for a good reason, love.

14.- I think you don’t need to go to the gym and if you go let me know to go together

What he wants to tell you with this phrase, you need to go to the gym, is that he likes you just the way you are. And when he tells you, you let me know to go together, he expresses that he wants to be with you. As you see, the things that a man in love says always has to do with being with you and being happy with you.

15.- Today I don’t know why I feel like I want to hug you

When a man in love utters the words, hug or snuggle, he is likely to feel desire. Express that he likes you, that he wants an intimate moment with you. Because staying calm and hugging is an intimate moment where each one feels the other. He wants you to feel his warmth, his tenderness.

16.- I was only chatting to tell you that I would love you to be here

The things that a man in love says always express his desire to be with the woman they love. Love always controls what we say, no matter if we realize it or not. If he loves you in silence, he will tell you with these phrases, I would love for you to be here.

There are many things that a man in love says without talking about his love. Therefore, observe every time he talks to you, what words he uses, how much he claims to be with you. How he cares about you. When you discover it, it means that you are always present in their thoughts.