10 questions to ask your new guy

It is beautiful as a heart, you are both in full chabada-bada, it is very good. But before looking further with your new darling, a little subtle questioning is advised. PS: you don’t have to ask all the questions at once.

To estimate your common points, your love compatibility and to feed a little discussion, here are the useful questions to ask during the first meetings with your lover.

1- What is his favorite series?

His television appetites may seem to you a detail, there, right away, in comparison to his glowing embers. However, if he swears by “More beautiful life” a future would it really be possible between you? Because good, the series, it’s still more fun to watch the two (and it’s even very good for the couple ). If he devours The Walking Dead or Westworld however …

2- Does he like to travel?

Is it rather a trendy sea or mountain? Backpack or holiday club? No, because if your thing is to spend your vacation basking on a pill on a sandy beach and it is hike in the morning and treck in the afternoon (and vice versa) , organizing your first vacation is likely to be stormy.

3- What was his worst date?

Not only will you relate to each other your worst romantic experience, it will relax the atmosphere and the zygomatics a little, but it will allow you to talk about your exes with your partner. And according to recent studies, it would seem that ultimately, it is rather beneficial not to keep secrets from your past. A good thing is done, right off the bat.

4- In which city in the world would he dream of living?

A question that may seem trivial and yet its answer will be indicative of its aspirations for its future. Thus, he may dream of returning to live in Saint-Gobin-Les-Genoux in order to be able to raise his (future) small family near his own. Or on the contrary, he fantasizes about expatriation in Rio de Janeiro (and it is non-negotiable). Depending on his wishes, you can imagine whether or not you would like to be part of the painting.

5- What is the last meal he prepared?

Rather risotto or Bolino? This question will allow you to discover which (fine) gourmet is hiding in him. And let’s face it, a guy who plays Top Chef is devilishly attractive .

7- What is the last book he read?

If you love to read, the literary tastes of your date are bound to interest you. And that will give you a little insight into his personality. However, he can love comic books and you, thrillers, it will not prevent you from getting along very well.

8- Rather dogs or cats?

You are allergic to cats and he does not have one but two cats that he loves above all? As much to know from the outset and invest in a good pair of swimming goggles for the days when you deign to visit him.

9- What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to him in college?

Ah! the memories of school! It makes you talk, laugh and allows you to get to know each other better. Finally, unless he confides in you that the most embarrassing moment he has had with the colleague is when he received a 16 for the first time (when he was 18 on average the rest of the year).

10- What is his favorite song?

You now know his favorite series, his literary tastes, it remains only to know his affinities in music. Who knows, you may have the same passion for Drake or ABBA (or both!).