10 signs that he never loved you

He just left you and you are deeply sad? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, become aware of these signs that prove that he never loved you and that this breakup was ultimately bad for good. 

1 – He never kept his promises 

A man in love always keeps his promises. Yours has only sold you dreams without ever taking action. In other words, between words and deeds, there was a huge gap … 

2 – he never introduced you to his family 

When a man is in love, he is proud to introduce his partner to his family and friends. If he hasn’t done it in months or even years of dating, it’s more proof that he never loved you. 

3 – he cheated on you 

A man in love does not cheat. If he blames you for something, he talks to you about it to try to fix the situation. 

4 – he was never attentive 

Surprises, gifts, little attentions … He has never made you enjoy such things. No doubt, he never loved you! 

5 – He wasn’t making plans with you 

He was unable to project himself with you any further than the following weekend. He constantly said “we don’t know what the future holds.” As soon as you spoke apartment and marriage, he was freaking out … 

6 – he always had better things to do 

Between his sports sessions, football matches with friends and an evening with you, his choice was quickly made. You always went last. 

7 – He never gave you a present

When a man is in love, he comes home with a bouquet of flowers, takes you unexpectedly for a weekend … In short, you have never had the right to all that! 

8 – He was never there when he needed to

Problems at work, with your family, health problems … He was never there when needed and did not know how to reassure you. 

9 – he constantly denigrated you 

Every time you told him about a new project, instead of cheering you on and telling you how proud he was of you, he put you down. “You will never make it”, “you suck”. He never pulled you up like he should have.

10 – He didn’t make love to you 

Proof that he had no desire for you or feelings. Because when you love someone, you want to merge with it. This is probably a sign that he was going to look elsewhere too …