10 signs that you are in a relationship with a man in love … and mature

Being in love is great. But, if in addition, we feel that we can count on the other, to feel supported and respected, it’s even better.

1 – Invested in his job, he supports you in yours

It is not enough that he throws himself headlong into work to give you the impression of a couple’s life posed. Take an interest in yours and pull yourself forward, which proves that he is really committed to the relationship.

2 – He is autonomous

No need to remind him that he should not burn his entire salary in poker, to call his mother for his birthday, to put his dirty socks in the laundry basket or to regularize his taxes in due time. It is autonomous, and it is rather reassuring (and relaxing).

3 – You can talk about everything

You do n’t necessarily agree on everything (which is quite normal), but at least you can put all the subjects on the table and discuss them together, without taboo or scandal.

4 – He wants to make you happy

Just because he shares your life doesn’t mean he’s stopped trying. He (almost) always tries to seduce you because he cares about you and does not want to risk losing you.

5 – He respects you

Respect, in a couple, is a bit the basis. And that must also apply to your tastes, your choices and your desires and you also love you for all these things.

6 – He knows what he wants: You

He is with you because he feels at your side and wants the relationship to continue in this direction. Also, he will make sure to take advantage of the present with you while making sure that your story is also written for the long term.

7 – He is frank with you

He tells you things as they are. Make you upset sometimes, but at least he’s honest and sincere. Loyal too with a bit of luck.

8 – He questions himself

Admitting wrongs, big or small, is not easy for anyone. So, if you see him take it upon himself and confess in half-words that “all well thought out, it may be his fault if …”. No doubt, out of love for you, he is able to question himself. To cut his hair, his beard and to trade his old baggy too. All this to please you.

9 – He makes himself worthy of your trust

Aware (most of the time) that love is a garden that is cultivated every day, it never takes you for granted, making sure to seduce you every day and that you feel safe by its side. Better, he knew how to gain your trust … and keep it.

10 – He does not consider you as his property

If you can sometimes stick to each other, this is fortunately not always the case. Your guy understands that you need to spend time without him and that keeping your freedom doesn’t mean you don’t like him. On the contrary.