10 signs that your man is a good person

Are you with someone good?

The handsome kids are numerous and make most girls fall for their angelic face and their Apollo physique. For some, the exterior appearance is essential, but for others, those who aim far and who think of settling down permanently, that is not enough. Rather, they are looking for a good man who they can count on all the time. Are you in a relationship and you want to know if Jules is a good person? Read on.

1.He introduces you to his family

Unlike your exes who just took you as a stowaway in their lives even though you’ve been dating for months, the good man won’t wait long to introduce you to his whole family as the girl he loves. . He doesn’t have a cold sweat showing up by your side at his cousin’s wedding even though you’ve only been together for a few weeks.

2.He assumes you in public

Unlike those who only liked you in the private and who hid you in the public sphere throughout your story, the good guy is the reverse he does. He is proud to be displayed by your side, and he takes you by the hand without problem in the street. He won’t let go of your hand when he crosses paths with someone he knows.

3.He gave up some of his habits for you

It’s true that football nights every Monday night and poker games with friends every Saturday are important to him, but out of love for you, he gave up that to share things with the one who loves him. Know that if this kind of guy is by your side, you are lucky, because few boys can do that.

4.He doesn’t try to pretend to be what he’s not

The good guy doesn’t try to look like the perfect man. He is the one who does not hesitate to tell you that he was the poorest in his class in maths during all his schooling and to say that he is badly perceived at work at the moment. This means that he trusts you blindly and wants to build a stable relationship with you.

5.He is interested in you, and he communicates

Although some say that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, the good man manages to stay on the same planet as his beloved. He loves interacting with you, whether it’s trivial or philosophical discussions. He is interested in everything you do, he knows how to listen, and above all, his principle is always to establish good communication.

6.He finds you beautiful in all circumstances

Make-up or not, you are always beautiful in all circumstances for the good guy. You have influenza A or a small acne breakout, it is not he who will run away, on the contrary, you are always beautiful in his eyes. Next to you, Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, or Gisele Bündchen can go and get dressed.

7.He makes efforts to fill his gaps

Is he bad at the classical dance, when you are a pro? English literature, that’s not its genre, whereas you love it?… Because he loves you and because he’s a good person, he tries to please you by indulging in your passions as crazy as they are. For him, you are always the priority.

8.He knows how to satisfy you in bed

Many guys think that love is like fast food, they consume it at full speed and think only of their pleasure. But for the dude though, foreplay is important. Also, the gentleman will never allow to reach the 7 th heaven without having managed to make you climb the walls. If that is not great!

9.He’s not trying to change you

Some men tell you that they would love you more if you were less nervous, less messy, less bitchy, less talkative … or if you lost your extra pounds, but Jules, he loves you as you are, and he finds you perfect despite your little physical imperfections and your bad temper. In no way does he want you to change, and he wants you to remain as you always are.

10.His favorite word is “us”

When he talks about the future such as vacations, for example, it is not he who will say: “I would like to go to New York”, he is rather: “How about going on a trip to the States? Believe me, the guy who says that is planning to do a lot of things with you in the future. What is certain is that he wants to make his dreams come true next to you, the one who loves him and whom he loves.