10 phrases that always please men

The phrases guys love to hear!

To maintain the relationship, but especially love in a couple, it is essential that lovers communicate. The problem is that both don’t use the words correctly yet, if they are chosen well and well balanced, they have their effects. On a daily basis, it may seem trivial, but when you think about it, certain phrases can change a lot of things. If you want to communicate well with your darling and if you want to touch his heart every time, here is a list of phrases he loves!

1.Honey, I did the shopping, and I bought you some beer

All guys dream of hearing this phrase. It sounds old fashioned, but it will touch Jules’ heart a lot. Shopping isn’t much, but you remember when you were little and your mom brought you candy, and how happy you were, you know guys are the same. Girls, never forget that to keep and to seduce a man, the best way to go about it is to feed him well! Don’t hesitate to vary the pleasures: beer, his favorite meal, his favorite desserts …

2.You were awesome!

Flattering a guy on his prowess in bed is the best way to make him happy. For men, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than having succeeded in intimately satisfying their partner, it takes a lot of effort. If he managed to make you climb the curtains, don’t hold back to compliment him, but above all, don’t lie. Give it a try, and you’ll see that your guy will be in heaven.

3.Baby, what if we try new things

It’s a fact, men love intimacy, so you have to have a good intimate relationship. Admittedly, you do it often, and you are both satisfied, but if you want to test something else, let him know that it concerns the positions, the places, the accessories… but above all, do not remain inactive. Of course, Jules likes to take the reigns

4.What if we had a TV night

If you have nothing planned tonight: no movies, no dinner at the restaurant, no outing with family or friends, say this sentence, and you will make your man, a happy man. It seems trivial, and you wonder why say it when it makes perfect sense, it’s the course of the evening, but what you don’t know is the impact of this sentence on your boyfriend. By pointing out to him, for him, you had the same desire, and you are therefore on the same wave.

5.Shall we order a pizza?

Men love good food, but he also loves fast food. If you’re both tired from your day or just lazy to cook, suggest your boyfriend order a pizza for dinner. Why he loves this sentence because you send him the image of a girl who does not take the lead and who knows how to have fun from time to time.

6.I would like to go to the cinema with you to watch this movie that has just been released and that you love so much

If your boyfriend is a bit of a Geek and he likes everything you don’t like, including superhero movies, for example, show him your love by letting him know that you are ready to make an effort to share his passions. By taking out this sentence, you will make him crack for sure. What is more, you are not likely to get bored, as there is a good chance that you will go there with friends.

7.It’s been a long time since your friends came home!

That’s a trivial phrase, but the impact it has on your man is enormous. It is true that you have friends in common, but his friends are his pack, and it is only with them that he can speak openly. If you offer him to bring them, for him, it means that his friends are important to you, but also his happiness. When his friends are there, it is also an opportunity for you to meet up with your friends.

8.Do you mind if I leave you in front of your console, me, I will do something next?

You are probably thinking to yourself, why ask when you can only leave it to do what you have to do. Know that in a couple, it is important to communicate. Once you say this phrase, you let him know that he can play quietly without you disturbing him, but also, that you have to do instead of sticking to him all the time. This sentence also reassures him, because no man wants to live with a clingy woman.

9.What if we stayed in bed this Sunday?

We all dream of spending all day Sunday under the sheets in our pajamas next to the person we love. Once you offer your boyfriend to stay in bed on Sunday, he will be delighted: hello cuddles all day, which will please both of you. In addition, it changes your habits, the best way to get your relationship out of the routine.

10.I love you

The person you love will never tire of hearing an “I love you” from you. Don’t hold back from saying this sentence, but say it sincerely with a smile on your face!