10 texts men hate receiving from their girlfriends

When you try to remember the most serious and dramatic conversations you had with your partner, you realize that they were always one-on-one. For example, when did you tell your boyfriend that you love him for the first time? Face-to-face, isn’t it? If you did it by message, you probably didn’t have the same impact.

However, many people do not feel comfortable in face-to-face conversations. Many of us prefer texting as a means of communication because it gives us a sense of protection and security. And that’s true!

There are much more vulnerability and emotional weight present in a face-to-face conversation. And, not having to look the person in the eye when you say something serious, gives you a sense of relief.

Many women say that men don’t really know how to write messages. But, the truth is that they are perfectly capable of it and the fact that you are a woman does not automatically make you better in communication. There is always room for improvement in how you share your feelings with your partner.

Even by messages, you want to be careful about how you communicate with your loved one. You may not be thinking much about what you text him, but he can be hurt or even irritated by your words.

Many women send the wrong messages to their boyfriend every day. And, you want to be sure that you are not one of them. Here, then, is a list of 10 texts that men hate receiving from their girlfriends.

1. I’m really upset now.

Yes, it is never fun to be miserable and alone. and, you may need your man to help you manage this difficult and stressful time. However, you must also pay attention to his feelings. He may also be going through complicated moments and needs to solve his own problems right away.

2. I don’t know.

If he asks your advice or something else, give him your honest opinion. He is seeking your sincere opinion and that is why he asked you the given question. Do not answer “I don’t know” even when you have a clear idea on the subject.

3. Did you do the household chores I gave you?

Instead of sending him dozens of messages to control his actions; stop behaving with him as if he were a child, respect his skills and his adult decisions! You don’t have to supervise everything he does. A little confidence will make your relationship much healthier and more fulfilled.

4. Did you receive my last message?

Yes, he received your last text. And, of course, this is a passively aggressive way of asking him why he did not respond. You have to be patient. He may be busy with other things. He cannot always give up everything he does to answer you in the minute.

5. Why don’t you answer me?

He may be busy. He has a job or he just takes a shower. You must understand that your relationship is not directing his life. There are other people and other things that need his attention. He will answer you as soon as he has the opportunity.

6. Another 5 minutes!

You have to learn to be more respectful of your time. Yes, you want to make sure you are perfect and that is why you need those 5 minutes more. However, you shouldn’t keep it waiting too often. He also has a timetable that he wants (and must) respect.

7. Why are you busy this weekend?

Don’t be too in control. If he has plans with his friends or if he has to work and be away for the weekend, you shouldn’t make him feel guilty about it. Allow him some freedom!

8. Sorry, I have to cancel our evening.

Last-minute cancellations are always horrible and rude. Of course, an emergency can happen and, in this case, it will be easy for him to understand why you cannot be released tonight. But, on the other hand, if you often cancel your appointments, it will end up losing confidence in you.

9. My girlfriend’s boyfriend took her there…

This passively aggressive behavior is not going to get you anywhere. It’s very bad for your relationship, by the way. Worse yet, you compare him to another man! It’s not something he wants to hear from you.

10. You never do anything for me again.

First, you should always avoid speaking in superlatives or extremes. To say that he “never” does anything for you is, of course, an exaggeration and it seems unfair to him. And, also, instead of telling him that he is doing nothing for you, you should simply point out to him what he can do to improve your relationship. Be direct instead of being passively aggressive.