10 things we all do while waiting for a text

We saw each other on a date last week. We more and had a great time. Except that since then, we haven’t had any news. Despite the last message we sent him via our cell phone, we have zero text messages and no calls! Here are 10 things we all do while waiting for a guy to text.

1 / Fix your cell phone

At such times, we can do nothing, but absolutely nothing with our day, whatever! When we wait for a text (or any other sign of life from him), we can stay for hours staring at our cell phone and too bad if we have blank eyes, a gout in the nose, or that we drool! Strangely, we’re sure it’s going to make it sound. Without success!

2 / Take your cell phone to the bathroom

We are waiting for his text when suddenly we feel like going to the bathroom? We take our cell phone to the toilet, osef! The goal? Do not miss his message. And too bad if our smartphone drowns in the toilet!

3 / Call a friend for advice

The longer we wait, the more we doubt, and the more we stress! Rather than keeping our thoughts to ourselves, we always call our BFF to talk to him and ask him for advice. ” I have to do what? Text him back? Yes but what? Do you think he read it or not? What would you do? “In the end, we spend more than an hour on the phone… and we still haven’t heard from him!

4 / Go to the Facebook application

In order to know the truth to the question “Has he received my message?” “, We can not help but go through his Facebook profile through the application of our smartphone (always in case he answers us). Here, he just posted a status an hour and thirty-four minutes ago. He must have read our text then. But why doesn’t he answer us ?! We feel bad.

5 / Share your state of mind on social networks

We are distressed, we feel sad and we are alone in the world. The longer you wait for your text, the more you need to be reassured. And what better way than to share our state of mind on social networks so that our friends comfort us? A message or a tweet and their responses are enough to put (a little) balm in our hearts.  

6 / Think back to the last words exchanged when you saw him 

Did someone say anything to him that made him bored, tired or upset? When we wait for his text, we think back to the last time we saw him and the last words we exchanged to find the answer to this question. Fastoche, we remember everything!

7 / Eat / nibble

If we haven’t heard from us, something is wrong. Besides, not to answer us, he must be fed up with us… Well, what’s the point of taking care of us, keeping the line and staying beautiful since he seems to not care about us? So we throw ourselves on the food. After the packet of crisps, it’s the box of cookies that we devour with sadness!

8 / Put on nail polish

By dint of being on our cellphone waiting for his answer, we suddenly realize that we have no nail polish on our fingers. Neither one nor two, we go to the bathroom to grab our most beautiful bottle and we start to paint our fingers. However, we cannot help looking at the screen of our cell phone between two or three applications of varnish on our nails. Well yes, you never know!

9 / Reboot your cell phone

When we wait for an SMS, we check several times that it has not arrived without receiving a ringtone, vibration, and/or notification. Maybe our laptop is bugging? Or maybe there is a 3G problem? We then reboot our phone, turn it off and on againreboot it again, etc., etc. You never know x 2!

10 / send a fake text message

Well, this time, there are enough, we can no longer not receive a message. To remind him that we exist and to force him to strike up a conversation, we end up sending him a fake text message making him believe that there is an error and that it was addressed to another person. Because yes, send him a simple “hello” or just a “? Would risk relieving him forever. So, we play the card of naivety and we wait twice for its answer (if there is one)!