5 things the perfect guy would never dare to do

If Prince Charming does not exist, there are nonetheless certain qualities that make a man exceptional. For starters, the perfect guy would never do any of the following things. 

1 – denigrate you

“Why are you doing that? You know very well that you suck, it doesn’t mean anything!”, “You are getting bigger and bigger, if this continues, I’ll dump you!” So many murderous phrases that the perfect guy would never dare to say. He respects women, and you in particular because he loves you. 

2 – not being too small 

The perfect man wouldn’t go a day without calling his girlfriend. It’s simple, he needs to hear from her, hear her voice and show her that he cares for her. In the same way, he would never filter the calls of his darling under the pretext that he is in a bad mood. 

3 – steal your freedom 

Some guys want to lock up their girlfriend, keep her to themselves. They prevent her from doing what she wants and want to do everything together. The perfect guy would never do that, he respects the fact that his partner needs to keep his garden a secret. 

4 – try to make you change 

The perfect guy loves you the way you are. He will never try to change you by hoping to make you become someone you are not. Likewise, if you do not agree on a subject, he will respect your point of view without trying to make you agree with his. 

5 – act selfishly 

In a couple, there are two. And that, the perfect guy understood it well. In no case does he make decisions without telling you about them. He will never act behind your back and will always ensure your well-being in such and such a situation.