10 tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend

Personal experience with apologies

Every girl has been in a situation with her boyfriend where she ends up having a verbal fight about something in the relationship, whether it’s fighting over what show to watch, not picking up clothes from the dry cleaner, or worse, cheating. As women, we always try to win an argument even if we mess up, but not all women. Now that you put yourself in a bitter situation you have to correct it. Many women do not take pride in apologizing to people, especially their partners, but it is necessary to do so in order to maintain a healthy relationship. I know ladies, it’s a difficult thing to do, but you must try it for the sake of your relationship. It used to be that girlfriend who was unapologetic and rude. You know the one who always had to have the last word But then you realize that not being able to apologize and not being able to take responsibility for your actions can really jeopardize your relationship with the one you love. Here are some tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend and fix things again.

Take him out on a date

Men love to eat, so why not take him out for a romantic dinner and not? I’m not talking about McDonald’s unless, of course, it’s your favorite restaurant and you’d rather eat chicken nuggets over steak. Showing this kind of initiative gives you a chance to rethink the argument and get back to what really matters, all on a full stomach! In all seriousness it has been known and accepted for years that the boy usually buys the girl dinner. As a millennial today, all of that has changed. The roles are being reversed AND the roles are now being shared equally in the relationship. So buying dinner is a nice gesture and, believe it or not, men appreciate this kind of thing as much as women.

Write him a letter of apology

Even in an apology letter you can be romantic. A letter gives you the opportunity to be an open book and let your guy know how deeply you feel. When I was younger I used to write letters to people who were mad at me. At the time I didn’t know how to apologize head-on and openly, but the letters helped me with that. I had time to sit down and think about how I really hurt that person, how I was able to ask for forgiveness in writing, and remember the good times. As a girlfriend, your boyfriend will appreciate you because a letter takes a lot of effort and gives the apology sentimental value because it is something that your boyfriend can have with him forever. Avoid texting at all costs; it is not as special as a letter and a text message is something that can easily be dismissed as rude.

Take him on a romantic weekend

Now this may come as a surprise to some of you and you are probably thinking, “why go on a trip when he is mad at me?” Great question, but how long does anger last? Not much, especially if you’re going on a trip. It’s hard enough to fight while on vacation and a nice little weekend cabin trip is a great way to be in the middle of nowhere in tune with others. Now, it doesn’t have to be a great getaway like Cancun or something like that because it would be a bit of a stretch for a “sorry” trip. Your relationship isn’t a reality TV show, but you can still apologize in style. So let’s keep things simple and keep the focus of the whole trip.

Organize a party for your boyfriend and his friends

This one will work great, especially if you don’t like some of his friends. Come on ladies, there is always a friend your boyfriend has that you sometimes find yourself being rude to from time to time. Now imagine welcoming your friends into your home, yes, even the guys you don’t like, with open arms, Bud Light and no fights allowed. Sometimes it can even be difficult, but you have to let your man cheat with guys. He will have a better opinion of you because you are showing maturity and he lets him know that you are capable of seeing the discussion overcome and moving forward in a positive way. A man loves when his friends and his girlfriend get along incredibly well. He can hang out with his siblings while enjoying his time with you.

Give your boyfriend freedom

You may not want to talk anymore and need fresh air, but does this indicate a breakup? Possibly not, but kids need time to get away and think. As women, we talk about the problem until it is solved, but men are different. Many people in relationships believe that taking time off is better than solving it verbally. Your boyfriend may say things he didn’t mean in the heat of the moment, and a little distance is better than starting a fight. Instead of talking, he just needs time to himself to think about the relationship the two of you are in. You can go to the home of a friend, your parents, or a brother to remember. If necessary, text him to see how he’s doing. When a couple is away for a long time, we can get a bad feeling in our guts. Many things can go through our head as if he is in danger, if he is receiving bad advice, deceiving you to be vindictive but, as difficult as it is, you have to be optimistic. Give it about a week and the two of you will be as strong together as you were in the beginning.

Don’t fight, do things right

What many women do not forget is that we never think about being a man. We think about having one, but being one is a completely different ball game. You do not know what it is for you to put yourself in the place of your boyfriend to see what happens and have disagreements with your partner. Being able to show a little empathy can work wonders, and while empathy may not be the best solution, it’s certainly a great start. Have you ever asked your boyfriend how he really feels about the relationship? How does he feel about you as an individual? How do you feel about yourself? There are two sides to every story and to understand where he comes from as a lover, is to take the time to listen to what he has to say. Don’t be rude, listen to him because you won’t get very far if you don’t listen. Think about it,

Simon says: Tell him you love him

Whenever you fight with your partner, it is not the best situation we want to put ourselves in. We can say things that can be a bit daunting, but as a girlfriend, you have to go back to good girl mode and be reasonable. and just. Telling your boyfriend that you love him should be nothing short of simple and meaningful. Send him a beautiful text message while you’re at work. Show him the girl he fell in love with for the first time, show him the woman he’ll stay in love with. An ‘I love you’ is romantic every time you say it.

Show interest in your boyfriend’s hobbies

Do you remember those things that annoy you that your boyfriend does? Your boyfriend may have a talent for producing music, catching Pokémon, or collecting action figures. These things may sound outrageous and a waste of time to you, but to him it is one of his many loves. So with that being said, start showing interest, cheat a bit, and dig into your hobbies even on your own. Ask him questions about his many little joys, participate in what he likes. This will earn you some great relationship points and, hey, maybe you really enjoy these hobbies of his as much as he does.

There is nothing wrong with just “saying I’m sorry”

Yes ladies, those two words that we pride ourselves on not saying enough, ‘I’m sorry’, are going to need to be repeated. You will have to step up and let our boyfriends know that we are sorry and that we mean it. An apology can go a long way and heal many wounds in your relationship. Be the greatest person and admit your faults. Focus on your own actions and own your behavior. Don’t apologize just to shut him up or make him feel better. Saying I’m sorry should be sincere and meaningful. Never use “but” after saying sorry because if you really wanted to apologize, a “but” shouldn’t be necessary. Do not expect all the expectations you may have after the apology. Don’t expect anything in return right now because your boyfriend can accept the apology and maybe not.

Ps sorry

Finally, being able to apologize to your boyfriend is healthy and shows that you have the underwear of your adult woman. In a relationship, people will disagree with each other, partners will argue, couples will reconcile, and some others will break up. But, at the end of the day, it’s your decision to get it right and work on your relationship or give up and walk away. The relationship of each person is different and the person you are with may be different from you and that is what may have attracted him to you … but here is the trick … when we enter into a relationship we accept the differences of others and if not, We learn to commit ourselves to keep the person we love in our lives. No one said a relationship would be easy, but it can definitely be worth it. Go ahead girl stop fighting