10 tips to get out of a man’s friend zone

There are few things more frustrating than being in love with a guy who seems attractive to you, with whom you share interests, but who only sees you as a friend. Do not despair! In this article we explain how to get out of a man’s friend zone .

You just have to play your cards really well to get their attention.

Follow these basic tips to get out of the friendzone without waiting too long.

1. Be yourself

Yes, be yourself. Don’t try to look like someone else. There is nothing that attracts a man more than a confident woman! You like dancing? Do you like jokes and make others laugh? Show your authentic personality and show your confidence in yourself.

When you project self-confidence, you show that you love yourself. That makes you interesting and attractive to others, especially to that guy who sees you as his friend.

2. Keep your goals clear

Ask yourself if you want to be his friend or his girlfriend. If you really want a loving relationship with him, your behavior must show it. If he tells you about his conquests and you give him advice to flirt with other girls, it is clear that he will never see you as a couple.

In fact, this guy probably doesn’t even suspect that you’re interested in him and that’s why he doesn’t consider you a possible romantic option. Your attitude should show that you care about him.

3. Don’t despair

If there is one thing that can scare a man, it is seeing a desperate woman. If you start begging and begging for a chance, you could lose it.

On the contrary, patience should be your best virtue. Take the time and play it easy. Take the opportunity to get to know him better and spend more time with him, but also with an active social life. Show him that you are a requested girl.

4. Beware of writing too much

It is okay to always write to know about each other, this shows your interest, but avoid writing or calling too much just to talk about your day or how you feel after you have broken up with your ex.

If you write too much, you will seem desperate, controlling, or that you don’t have an interesting social life. Talk enough to show your interest, but ask him out to talk more in person.

5. Hang out with other guys

It seems like very basic advice, but it works in most cases. It’s amazing the effect on a guy when a woman starts dating someone else. A little jealousy doesn’t kill anyone!

Just avoid hanging out with other people in your circle of friends. If you can’t get enough of your friend’s attention , at least have a little fun getting to know other people.

6. Flirt a little

This is one of the most important tips: flirt with him. You don’t have to overdo it, nor does it have to be a s**xual flirtation, just be flirtatious enough to make it clear that you have an interest in him.

Hopefully you will understand quickly, perhaps if you do not understand the signs your friends will notice and ask you about it. It’s a good first step in getting their attention.

7. Get ready for him

Surely he is used to seeing you in casual clothes, when you go to work or the gym. So invite him to have a coffee or a restaurant together and take the moment to get ready a little, take out those heels and the beautiful dress you see in your closet.

The idea is that it is not too exaggerated, but sensual. If you want him to see you as an attractive woman, you must show yourself as an attractive woman!

8. Spend time alone with him

This is a typical situation: most of the time he is seen, he is surrounded by other people. You try to send him all the signals in the world, but he’s so distracted that he doesn’t notice.

Find an activity that you know he enjoys doing and invite him to do it together. Make sure the two of you are alone and take the moment to flirt with him.

9. Give him some space

The idea is not that I forget you, but I do miss you a little. Maybe part of the problem with me seeing you as a friend is that you see each other all the time. So how is he going to have a chance to miss you? Make him realize what he is missing when you are not with him.

Also, show him that you are not always available to him: “I’m dating someone”; “I’m going to yoga classes” … any excuse will be good to give rise to truly miss being around you.

10. Ask him for help 

If you need a reason for him to spend more time with you, ask him for help with something. For example, to help you paint a room, move, or study for a test.

Take advantage of these moments to share alone with him, throw some flirtation at him, and above all, thank him for always being there, when you need him. Let him know how valuable he is to your life.