10 ways to fall in love

Love can often appear and strike where it is not expected! It also happens very often that it does not happen when we are looking for it and that the minute we stop doing it, it arrives in torrents in our life! Sometimes the feeling of love is born, grows, and gains in intensity over several months, sometimes it occurs in seconds and turns everything upside down. That’s what’s so great about love! You never really know what to expect. Here are 10 ways to fall in love with you today:

1 / Love at first sight

As soon as you put your eyes on him/her, you know that he/she had something special. So of course, at first you don’t necessarily realize that you are going to spend your life with him/her, after all, you haven’t even said hello yet!

But you are irresistibly attracted to the other, and you wonder if he/she and the good. The advantage is that once the dialogue is established, you will not take much time to see if this is really the case.

2 / The friendship that turns into love

It can sometimes take years! Two friends who gradually realize, over time, that they develop a feeling even stronger than friendship … They will thus begin to look at each other in a whole new light!

The advantage is that they will not have to go through the “classic” circuit of most couples. The first meetings, discovering the other, etc … All this, they know, since they have almost no secrets for each other!

3 / Hatred that turns into love

Don’t we say that the two feelings are close and intimately linked? It is a way of falling in love that we find elsewhere in many films. You cannot feel each other, and suddenly, from one day to the next, you are seized with an irrepressible desire to kiss each other… You still have to put your damn character aside!

4 / By multiplying the dates

One of the most common ways to fall in love! If you are mutually attracted and interested in each other, then over time, and the multiplication of dates for discovering yourself, you will gradually develop feelings for each other. And after a few months, paf! You are in love!

5 / By being forced to develop feelings

In some cultures, such as Indian culture, arranged marriage is something deeply rooted in customs. And if the couples formed have rarely chosen their partner, it can happen that a feeling of love is born over time. Both partners learn to discover themselves, and to cope with the qualities and faults of the other. And end up sincerely loving each other.

6 / A crush that has lasted for years

You completely fell in love with this man/woman. You have spent hours imagining your common future, your future together, despite the fact that you are certain that it will never be reciprocal … But it may happen that one day, your crush opens its eyes and his heart! And let you two start a beautiful and long love story.

7 / The love that one realizes only after the fact

Sometimes it happens that we live a great story with someone, but that, for x or y reasons, we put an end to it. And that it is only when you couple again with someone else that you realize that your ex was someone great, that you sincerely love … And if that is the case, we come across fingers so you can get back together!

8 / The love that comes out of nowhere

You fall madly in love with each other, suddenly, like that. You may have already known each other for a week, a month, a year … And you did not imagine at all living a story with the other … But now, it fell on you like that without warning!

9 / The love that grows slowly, but surely

A mature and thoughtful love! The feeling of love grows between the two of you, but will take a few months, even a few years, to reach maturity. A love that will generally last through the years, since you each had time to reflect on whether or not you really wanted to share the life of the other!

10 / prudent love

The love that often develops within a couple in which one or both partners have already suffered heavy heartache. The partners first want to make sure of the reliability of the other before really offering all their love. Because they are aware that we do not joke with love!