10 weird things girls do while waiting for their partner to call

Being in love causes a lot of weird behavior.

But none are funnier than what a girl does when she concludes with the boy of their dreams. There they really do kinds of actions that Reason wouldn’t understand. We immediately enumerate these behaviors.

1.Phone hypnosis

She’s at the top of the list of bizarre behaviors that all girls adopt when they’re really bitten by a guy. They look at the phone every 5 minutes hoping to find a message or waiting for the guy to call. They go crazy imagining all the scenarios that make the guy not call yet. They wonder what their boyfriend may be doing; who he’s talking to, etc. By dint of being hypnotized by their phone, girls do not do much of their day and they often have their heads in the stars.


2.Be glued to their phone

It is an irrevocable fact. When there is no special event in a girl’s life, it is not uncommon to find her phone in a usual place. But when something exciting happens in her life, like a guy, for example, all parents can attest that the phone is the thing they will never find lying down somewhere. For good reason, the phone becomes the girl’s best friend, so much so that she takes it wherever she goes and she doesn’t want to part with it for the world!

3. harass your best friend with questions

Already at the start, the girls tell each other all about their life and their problems. But this phenomenon is even more amplified when the male gender occupies all the thoughts of the female gender. Therefore, if the guy does not respond to messages after 5 minutes and the best friend is nearby, the best friend will have a hundred questions to answer to reassure her friend that the guy’s feelings for her are honest and to find all the possible hypotheses that the guy has not yet answered.


4.View and review your boyfriend’s profile

To realize how lucky she is to be the boyfriend of the guy in question, a girl can see her profile and her photos dozens of times during the day. All the posts on the guy’s diary she knows about; her friends list, she’s already gone through it. Worse than the CIA for an investigation, a girl can even go so far as to hack her boyfriend’s facebook account to see the messages he sends to her friends. If a slightly too familiar conversation is brewing with a girl, the guy can be sure he won’t get away with it.

5.Eat for comfort

This behavior is most frequent in the case of rupture. When a girl has just separated from her boyfriend, she likes to comfort herself with her dear and tender Nutella. But there is also the case where a girl can empty the fridge when the response to the text message she just sent her boyfriend is too bad. So, she already thinks that the guy has backed down and is leaving her behind. Yes, a girl finds it hard to think that a man can have a life outside of her.


6.Remember the last date

When a guy isn’t showing signs of life, girls can imagine a ton of stuff. Among that, the last date that they are going to tear up a minute after minute to try to find out what is wrong, why the guy is not responding, and if, unfortunately, there was already a sign that he had shown during their last date, which may explain why he is slow to respond. To do this, the girl will put all her girlfriends on the spot, and together, they will put themselves in the shoes of Dr. Lightman from the series Lie to me and dissect all the behavior of the guy on the last date.

7.Restart your phone many times

As if they were afraid that a network problem could have swallowed their boyfriend’s text or call, the girls will turn their phones back on until they are sure that the network and the mobile operator have nothing to do with it. the delay of the message or the call of the guy. It is also a way to reassure the girls that their phone was not in airplane mode, you never know!

8 yelling at chat when things are wrong

Only girls have this kind of behavior. To evacuate their frustration due to the wait for the text message or the call, they spend a soap on their feline animal. The latter will, of course, run around the house to hide from their bizarre mistress. To convince themselves that they are loved, they will go so far as to beg for the love of their pet by offering them what they love the most: food.

9. make a mess in the closet

Women are very far-sighted. This is why, at the end of a date, some will already prepare the clothes they will put on for the next date. This is obviously without counting on the results of the date, if the guy liked it or not.

10.Paping with her single friends

Who can better understand the situation of a lost girl than other lost girls? This is why, while waiting for the guy to call back, the girl will talk about her situation and her fears with her friends on the internet and try to get advice and comfort. Between girls, you have to stick together and if, unfortunately, the guy does not call back, at least the friends on the Internet can always be a great comfort.