8 tips to overcome romantic jealousy

To the sickly jealous, here are some tips to manage your feelings!

Jealousy in love, when it is light and occasional, is cute, but when it is said to be deep, it slowly destroys the life of a couple. Too possessive, you get carried away for a trifle, you accuse Jules of being unfaithful, you make him a real police investigation as soon as he comes back from work… Certainly, the fear of losing him frightens you every day. So, it is difficult for you to lead a normal existence, without having to fear what he is doing. The risk in acting under the influence of this possessive pain is to break your romance instead of strengthening it. Fortunately, it is not impossible to get out of sick jealousy with these few wise tips.

1. Admit your sick jealousy

Considering your behaviors and regular nervous breakdowns, someone has certainly told you that you are jealous. It is useless to deny it then, admit it! When you are overwhelmed by the fear of losing your man, you act so irrational that you want to hurt him. Don’t let jealousy destroy you, and try to deal with your emotional addiction problem.


2.Talk to your friends

If you are in the grip of romantic jealousy and you really want to get out of it, don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones about it. In your circle of friends, surely there is someone who has already experienced this feeling of being forgotten or betrayed. If you are concerned about their reaction, you can participate in focus groups. By talking about your problem to others, you will feel a great sense of well-being.


3.Share feelings with your lover

Until then, you feel misunderstood whenever you tell your lover about your fears. If it has always resulted in arguments and door slamming, because you refuse to listen to each other. It is best to admit that you are jealous. Talk about your feelings, what you feel, and what you don’t like to avoid accusing her every time. You will see, it will do you good to talk about it, and it will reassure you enormously.

4. trust him

Confidence is the key to a balanced and happy couple. How will you be able to live serenely if you have to constantly examine his every move? For once, trust him, and you will help your relationship to progress. Forget about feeling inferior to others, and you will be less jealous. Besides, isn’t it because you are different that he preferred you to other girls? Try to think about it!


5.understand your partner

Dealing with jealousy requires understanding your partner’s expectations. Also, you will not be able to get rid of this feeling of sick possession if you do not try to respect the secret garden of the one you love. Suffice to say that you will have to accept the fact that your sweetheart likes to spend evenings with friends without a female presence. And on your side, you also have better things to do if he wants to be with his friends, like shopping, going out with the girls, a manicure …

6. learn from past experiences

In your past relationships, you have surely experienced relationship problems. Today, they should serve as lessons for you to adopt a positive mindset. For that, never let your old demons resurface and deprive you of the happiness you deserve with the man in your life. Remember, to be a proof of love, jealousy needs to stay at its mild stage which isn’t stressful, destructive, or even sickly obsession!

7. make rules of conduct

By setting rules of conduct with your partner, you will avoid repeating crises of jealousy. Know that it is important that you agree on certain points. Make it clear that you can’t stand the fact that he’s still hanging out with his ex or going out with his friends without notifying you. At first, it might seem a bit futile to you, but over time you will get used to it, and at the same time you learn to respect yourself.


8. learn to control yourself

You have lived for a long time with this possessive authority that you are used to taking badly with your boyfriend’s every move. Do not allow yourself to be overshadowed by suspicions that are not worth it, because they make you live under the influence of fear permanently. If you feel like you’re on the verge of having another fit of jealousy, try calming yourself down by figuring out what led you to this situation. If your imagination is still playing tricks on you then, don’t do the irreparable!