7 conversation topics to avoid on a first date

How to avoid the irreparable on the first date!

This time it might be the right one! You’re going on a date with your handsome Apollo, the guy who could change your life forever. Of course, you don’t want to let this opportunity slip away, so you want to make a good impression by seducing that nice guy you met on the net, at work, at a party, or whose promotion was justified by the claims of. your girlfriend: “He’s a great guy, you should meet him!” To avoid this being the first and last date of a romantic face-to-face with your Romeo, here are the conversation topics to avoid at all costs.

1.You take your ex’s file to him

There’s no point in taking your ex’s files out. Your future Jules does not want to know their name, their profession, or the reasons for which you stayed 3 years with him, and not more than the contemptible ways in which they dumped you. Your adventures with your old boyfriends are a thing of the past, and here now you are in the present about to open a new page with charming young man.


2.You tell him about your shrink

Talking about your shrink is the best way to scare off a man before you even finish dessert. In the same end, you do not also want to add with your digestive problems, your busty hair …? All subjects related to your mental health, your intestinal problems lately, your ideology of woman “I don’t care” … is to be banned if you plan to see this guy who makes you crack.


3.You reveal the first name of your future baby

This time, you are doing too much if you dare to go out on a first date with the name of your future child. While you’re at it, why not pull out a large poster with inscriptions like: “I’m looking for the future father of my future kids!” It’s not that he doesn’t want kids, but you’re rushing things too much. This is for sure a quick way to get him out!


4.You tell him about your unwavering mother-daughter relationship

Telling him that you have a very strong relationship with your mom isn’t that bad, but when you mention that at 29 you still share the same roof with your mom, it doesn’t work out at all! You pass yourself off as a girl who is not yet ready to cut the cord with her mother. In his head, your date will be afraid to engage with a girl who always has her mother on her back.


5.You declare your love to him

The “I love you” on a first date, you will have to forget! Even if you find him really cute, even if he has the profile of an ideal man, even if you waited exactly 254 days for this date… avoid declaring your love at the first meeting. Maybe you’ll find it cute, but your beautiful Apollo isn’t ready to hear that yet!


6.You say you only attract “thugs”

You think of going free with him by balancing that you only attract “thugs” so far. With that kind of revelation, you’ll be sure to never see this guy again. First, in his eyes, you pass yourself off as a not very friendly girl, and above all, by accepting this date, you introduce her into the circle of lousy guys in this world, there is something to think about your conquest of the evening! Also, on a first date, avoid complaining constantly, that’s not what you get in your nets!


7.You criticize your conquest

“What the hell am I still doing with that girl!” Your date might say to himself when you give him a detailed list of the things you hate when he himself is one of them! Thus, it is better to avoid the sequence of appreciations on the films that you find null, the male clothes that you judge “old-fashioned”… because it could be that the person in front of you could be in a situation not very pleasant.