11 differences between the man you will marry and the boy you go out with

In many romantic relationships, the woman falls in love with her partner before starting to feel dissatisfaction due to a lack of maturity. Following this realization, the latter will not delay to distance himself and turn to the one she considers a serious man. If you want to know more about what to expect with your partner, here are 11 differences between a simple date and the man you are going to marry.

Between the man and the date, the difference does not take long to be felt. Indeed, the serious man will be able to show a maturity which is only partially developed at his counterpart. In addition, the development of a relationship often leads to higher expectations and these inevitably lead the couple to a loss when the spouse is not up to the task. Here is what differentiates the man you are going to marry from all the others:

  1. He is financially responsible

As a true gentleman, a man will always propose to pay the bill at dinners or romantic outings. Although he sometimes gives in and lets you take care of it, he will never give up paying without first fighting, as opposed to a simple date, which will not hesitate for a second to take advantage of a free meal.

  1. He is attentive and serious

The man you are going to marry will always consider your opinion before taking you to new places. Moreover, it will tend to choose symbolic places for your couple, unlike the date that will not even ask your opinion.

  1. He reflects on the long term

Unlike a date that sees no further than the end of the evening, a serious man will do his best to plan his life according to yours. He often thinks for two and takes initiatives beneficial for your couple.

  1. He is loyal on every occasion

The loyalty is not lacking, opposite a partner who only wants to have fun. Very respectful of your person as well as your feelings, he would never allow himself to betray you at the risk of harming you.

  1. He is not afraid of commitment

For a date, commitment is almost a phobia. Indeed, it will tend to associate with a sense of imprisonment because he is far from ready to stabilize in his love life. This is why the man who will end his life with you will be a reliable person and sure of himself.

  1. He is interested in your personality

Far from courting for the sole purpose of landing in your sheets, the man you marry will make sure you know your personality first. On the other hand, the date will not fail to jump on the occasion as soon as it presents itself.

  1. You are his priority

Always at the top of the list in his mind, you are an integral part of his daily life and he will not hesitate to show you. Your interests have no secrets for him and he will make a point of honor to accompany you on any occasion. It is the opposite of the date that he will not even include in his projects.

  1. He shares his feelings

Happy and in love, the man who will share your life forever will be able to shout it on all roofs. Sure of his feelings and his devotion towards you, he will not cease to deploy the romantic attentions to prove to you his love. Ask the same thing to date and you can be sure that it will take his legs to his neck!

  1. He creates time for you

A date has no qualms because he is not involved in the relationship. Lies and false excuses, he has an arsenal in his pocket to wind you up. However, the man who is made for you and who will end his life with you will always do his best to see you, even if his schedule is busy for the next 3 months!

  1. He meets your friends

A serious man tries to integrate as much as possible to your surroundings. It does not need special occasions to socialize with your friends and adapts very quickly to your loved ones. On the other hand, a man with a fluctuating interest will tend to avoid such encounters.

  1. He seeks to know your family

Aware of the place occupied by your family in your daily life, he does not hesitate to go to meet them to obtain their approval and get to know them better. This type of initiative is almost impossible for a man who does not want to go further or is not certain of his feelings.