7 things that only loving men do

Whether you are in a relationship for a long time or a relationship, you may wonder if the feelings of the other person are sincere. And because love turns us upside down and blinds us, we also tend to forget that some proofs of love are worth more than words. Moreover, really loving men do these 7 things, sometimes innocuous but essential to the relationship.

For a relationship to last and be fulfilling, every partner must make every effort every day. And it is in these efforts that we can see whether the other is always in love. Indeed, a man whose feelings begin to diminish does not take the trouble to achieve certain things, as you please with gifts or support you in your projects. While a truly loving man does these things:

1. He is close to your family

There is no need to remind your partner how much family matters to you – he already knows it. Besides, he is especially close to your family and regards them as members of his own family. Your sister needs a helping hand? Your father can not find a partner for a fishing trip? Your man always responds and he is happy to do so.

2. He asks you for fashion advice

To please you but also to please you, your Jules asks you for fashion advice. He does not only listen to his instinct (which would lead him to simply wear shorts and socks) and makes sure to have a style consistent with your tastes.

3. He participates in household chores

Far from leaving you alone with your mental load, your man takes part in the household chores and he finds that normal. He cooks when you are tired, he cleans the floor as soon as necessary, he irones your clothes and above all, he takes the time to maintain order in your cocoon of love.

4. He tinkers

Do you want to hang these frames on the wall? Your favorite chair needs to be repainted? Your sink is leaking? No worries, your man does it! Indeed, he does not hesitate to tinker and repair everything of your place of life, because he knows that you deserve a comfortable and suitable place.  

5. He prepares you to eat

When you’re sick, tired, or just because you do not feel like cooking, your Jules takes over and prepares you good food. He knows perfectly well the French proverb which says: “When hunger is at the door, love goes out the window. “

6. He projects himself with you

A man in love who fully engages in a relationship makes plans for the future with his partner. So, if your man includes you in projects, be it simple holidays or more crazy projects like an expatriation or a wedding, know that he is sincerely in love.

7. He is listening to you

When you need to confide in yourself and/or tell your workday, your man listens carefully to you. Far from pretending, he is absolutely committed to supporting you and for this purpose, he will be patient and listen to your longest monologues.