11 things a man will do only if he really loves you

Falling in love can be a powerful thing that will change everyone’s life, but reactions differ from one person to another, especially between men and women. Women are so comfortable with the idea of ​​expressing their feelings explicitly that for men it’s a different story. A man in love will often act in such a way as to prove his love through gestures. Here are 11 things to expect if he really loves you!

Men can be incredibly mysterious and silent when it comes to love. And it’s not really their fault because they have been taught that a man should be neither emotional nor sensitive and that in the end, expressing his feelings is a sign of weakness. So how do you know if a man is in love?

Here are 11 things a man does if he really likes you

“When men fall in love, the chemicals, such as dopamine, associated with the brain’s reward center increase, which makes them infinitely happier,” says Kimberly Hershenson, a New York-based Bustle- based therapist. This feeling of happiness will make people behave differently and do things in a more special way.

1) He feels immense joy every time he sees you

Whether he is tired or irritated by work or just not in the mood, he just needs to see your face to calm down. You fill his heart with happiness and enlighten his world with your smile. 

2) He is attentive to what you say

The girls can be boring with their endless stories and frivolous topics, but if you really love, you will listen without saying a word. He will never say that you talk too much because he likes to listen to you and knows that it is important to you.

3) He has a lot of respect for you 

Your opinion really matters to him and he will listen to everything you have to say. You are his adviser and his confidante, he will come back to you for an opinion on a simple haircut or even for a professional project he intends to launch. He trusts you because he loves you.

4) He never complains that you occupy more room in bed

Whether you are small or tall, he will never complain because you take up all the room in bed. It does not bother him because his comfort goes before his.

5) He is your ally

Whenever you need help, he is there. Whether professionally, at home or to organize a surprise party to your parents. 

6) He keeps surprising you

We do not talk about big things, it’s the smallest things that matter most. If he knows how to surprise you and make you feel that you are a special and important woman, he is your soul mate!

7) Dates are just as important to him

It’s rare to be with a man who keeps all the dates, including those of your birthday, your first meeting or the birthday of your mom. It means that he really cares about you and that these dates are just as important to him as to you.

8) He feels proud to have you in his life

The smallest things you do make him proud and he will never stop boasting about your achievements in front of your friends and family.

9) He keeps the flame

Romanticism does not necessarily happen in the bedroom, it wants to spend time with you in a restaurant or on the sofa in your living room to know you and share more moments together. 

10) He supports your interests

He’s probably not fond of long shopping days and would probably prefer to watch a game with his friends, but he will accompany you anyway because he knows it’s what you like.

11) This is your man

He is your man and you are his wife; it will not let anyone offend you or hurt you, it will protect you until the end of time.