11 signs, how to know if an attractive guy that you like also likes you

You came here because you like a boy and you want to know if his attitude means something that gives you hope. How to know if an attractive guy who hardly ever pays much attention to you likes you? There are some signs that give away what a man feels.

If you are not sure how a man behaves when he likes you, keep reading. It is normal that you want to understand the behavior of a man who catches your attention. You would like to know what he thinks and feels just by observing some things he does.

Some attitudes are easy to understand, but sometimes things get complicated and you get confused. Because sometimes he looks at you and sometimes not. How does a man look at you when he likes you? Sometimes you need their words to find out, but sometimes you don’t.

1.- How to know if the boy you like likes you

It is normal to want to know if the boy you like so much feels the same way about you. After all, it makes little sense to be after someone who doesn’t care about you. Is there any hope with that boy?

For example, you like someone, but the behavior of a friend also catches your attention. What will be happening with your friend, will he like you? After all, it’s not bad at all.

If you learn to watch the right signs, you can tell if a man feels something special about you. They are not always going to be obvious signs. But if there are many signs, you have a lot going for you to know what happens.

2.- How to know if an attractive guy likes you: His look

If that boy you like looks at you in a mere special way, pay more attention. Because when a man thinks of a girl as a woman, he no longer looks at her as a friend. Now his gaze is more intense.

If you look closely at him and his pupils are dilated, it is a sign of interest. Somehow in his mind, you are like a woman who would like to kiss and caress. Look more closely at your lips and your eyes.

3.- A confident man smiles at you frequently

The advantage of an attractive man is his confidence to say and do the things he loves and wants. It may be that this man feels a certain sympathy for you and smiles every time he sees you.

He doesn’t necessarily like you, but if you loved yourself more, he might like you. In other words, you are on the right track, but you need to show more love to yourself.

The guy you like doesn’t have to notice you to make you happy. Much better is to attract it by being happy for yourself. An attractive guy likes girls with high self-esteem.

4.- He always has excuses to spend time with you

The best way to know if an attractive guy likes you is by looking for you frequently. Whenever he finds you, he does his best to spend time with you.

As he is a confident man, he will call you to propose to go out. If they meet by chance, they will find something to do together and thus spend more time with you.

When a man likes you, he feels that the day is wonderful with you. If you like him too, just try to be the best version of yourself so that he can see your values ​​better.

5.- If he pays you more attention, it is obvious that he likes you

When does a man like you the way he behaves? A man will pay more attention to what he sees in you, what he feels when he is with you.

So if you want someone you like to be interested in you, improve your lifestyle. It’s not about pleasing him, but about living feeling good about yourself.

How to know if an attractive guy likes you? When you pay more attention to what you do. If you like it and don’t pay attention to you, fall in love more with your life and do something brilliant for yourself, you will notice it.

6.- He treats you differently than his other friends

Whenever you make a positive change to your lifestyle, someone will notice and appreciate it. One of your friends or someone else may start treating you differently.

If you like that man and want to attract him just keep adding positive changes to your life. You don’t even have to tell him what you want to achieve in life.

When he sees you overcoming yourself and taking responsibility for your life, he will start treating you differently. He may not be the guy you expected, but the one who motivates you to progress is the one.

7.- He shows you hints when you are connected in social media

Another common behavior of a man when he likes you is that he moves more for you to notice. If they are in a group it will make more noise, it will be more expressive, etc.

Every time you talk to him on WhatsApp, he responds quickly. On Facebook, you see him as connected and he publishes his photos or funny things just for you to notice.

8.- He always imitates you with great enthusiasm and grace

Another way to tell if an attractive guy likes you is to seem to have agreed to do something. Suddenly the two of them behave by making the same movements.

When two people like each other, they unconsciously align themselves in what they do, even in what they think. It is an instinctive phenomenon that makes the two of you see that you have things in common and trust grows.

9.- If that man leans towards you, it may be that he likes you

When a confident man likes you, he won’t waste time getting closer to you. Moreover, when he is talking to you he will try to be as close as possible.

He will lean towards you and speak softly to you. He will stare at you and get so close to you that he will pink your clothes. This is a sign that he likes to be by your side, and wants a more intimate contact.

10.- His friends also greet you with enthusiasm

Another way to know if an attractive guy likes you is by the attitude of his friends. If your friends start to annoy you or get more boisterous every time you pass, it is because of something they know.

Usually, a man attracted to a woman talks about her with his friends. They also notice his attitude when you pass or chat with him.

11.- He has begun to give you compliments

Since you started making changes in your life, one of your friends has started talking nice to you. By chance, he is the guy you have always liked but never cared about.

Now that you are more responsible for your life and your happiness, that attractive boy is looking at you. You feel surprised, flattered and you can hardly believe it, he finally pays attention to you.

12.- His non-verbal cues tell you that he likes you

Another way to tell if an attractive guy likes you is by his body language. If he behaves with you in a different way, it may be that he started to feel attracted to you.

Men are always looking at girls, and when they notice any changes they can take an interest in them. When a man likes you, you can notice it in the following body signals:

– Lift your shoulders as if telling you that it opens up to you. He is feeling delighted that you are a part of his life.

– You may show nervousness, stutter or turn red, as a sign that you feel a strong emotion.

– He talks to you showing his palms up. It is an attitude of openness, relaxation, and vulnerability with you.

– Arch your eyelashes and slightly tilt your head as if trying to get closer to you