11 Signs of Betrayal

If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re going through a situation of distrust in the relationship and, therefore, want to know more about the signs of betrayal.

The signs of cheating can be very subtle, but still, cause concern about whether or not the partner is faithful.

In this article, we will show you the main signs of betrayal and at the end, we will discuss a simple and easy way how to discover a betrayal by cell phone.

Signs of cheating that every person who cheats commits

When a person begins to show certain signs of betrayal, it is very likely that infidelity has already occurred, although this is not a rule.

Only with evidence is it possible to confirm a betrayal, which is why in this article we will explain how to have real proof of your partner’s infidelity.

It is not enough to observe obvious signs of betrayal, such as a lipstick mark or a different perfume on your partner’s clothing.

It has been proven that after technology, most betrayals start on social networks and on the partner’s Whatsapp.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the main signs of betrayal that can occur in a relationship and, in the end, we’ll leave you some news about the possibility of monitoring your partner.

1 – Possessiveness and excessive jealousy can be signs of betrayal

Most cheaters tend to be possessive and jealous, precisely because they are afraid that their partner is doing the same things behind their backs.

In the traitor’s mind, everyone is just like him.

So he is suspicious of small attitudes, such as going to the gym or going out with a friend alone, that is, everyone is a threat to your relationship.

The cheater does not tolerate his partner relating to or talking to people of the opposite gender.

In short, he cheats, but he likes to have complete control over his partner because he fears being cheated on.

2- People who cheat are often antisocial

Antisociality can result from the sign of betrayal that we talked about above, that is, possessiveness and excessive jealousy.

If the partner no longer wants you to go anywhere alone and also never agrees to go to a little party or things like that.

In these cases, it is common for the person to distance himself from all friends and never attend any friend gathering.

In short, he doesn’t want you out of his sight or making small talk with other people, who are potential threats to your relationship.

3 – They do everything to destroy their partner’s self-esteem

The cheater wants you to be completely dependent on him.

Therefore, he usually puts his partner down, precisely so that the person feels unable to find something better.

4 – Constant threats

One of the typical cheating signs is constant threats that he will leave you at some point.

Be wary if he starts saying that you’ll never get anyone better than him or that nobody will accept you if they know what you look like or that you’ll be alone forever if he leaves.

5 – Disinterest in the routine, news, and achievements of the partner can be signs of betrayal

There comes a point where the partner no longer shows any interest in what you say, or feel.

He no longer pays attention to what you say and doesn’t celebrate his achievements with you.

He just doesn’t seem to care about you anymore.

6 – Your independence or success is not interesting to him

A cheater likes his partner to be dependent on him and do everything for him.

He wants you to always be there for him, on his time and not yours.

When a woman becomes financially independent or starts to improve her self-esteem, it becomes a threat to him, because he always wants to be the last cookie in the package.

7 – Disappearing or asking for time to think is usually a sign of a traitor

It is also very common for the unfaithful person to disappear for a while, especially after a small fight.

Including, many fights are planned, just to get some time away from the partner, to be able to party and enjoy.

At that time, he doesn’t respond to messages and doesn’t pick up his phone, and just disappears.

But, out of nowhere, he appears regretful, wanting to please you, to “reward” you.

8 – Friendships with co-workers or saying they are working a lot of overtime can be signs of betrayal

Many betrayals occur with people from the work environment itself.

Sometimes it starts with a simple chat, which turns into happy hour and other festivities with co-workers.

There’s nothing wrong with going out with company colleagues from time to time, but be wary of some signs of betrayal, such as never letting go of these places or getting to know people at work.

Also be aware if he starts saying that he can’t go out with you because he’s working too much, usually late.

If it’s one day or another, that’s fine, but be suspicious if it becomes routine.

9 – Appearing with new objects that the person would not buy

Out of nowhere, the person starts showing up with a new cell phone, then perfume, a new outfit, or a watch.

But it turns out that she wouldn’t be able to afford all that.

And when you ask her about it, she says she got it on a roll or someone owes her or it was given to her by family or it’s borrowed or something.

This can be one of the signs of betrayal that can arise when a person has a lover, who likes to give gifts or buy some treats to keep the relationship going longer.

10 – Cell phone conversations are always hidden

A survey identified that more than 90% of betrayals start with messages, either on Whatsapp or on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

For this reason, people who cheat are usually very cautious about it.

Generally, they receive messages without sound and when they receive ringtones or calls, they tend to dismiss them quickly, saying that it was a “mistake”.

The person cares so much about the cell phone that they never leave it close to them, precisely because they are afraid of seeing something they shouldn’t, in addition to filling the cell phone with passwords.

This is often a fundamental mistake that every traitor makes.

11 – Preoccupation with the sudden appearance

If someone who hasn’t been used to grooming starts to worry about how they look overnight, beware.

Taking care of yourself demonstrates self-esteem, which is something positive for anyone, but when the change in appearance is combined with other suspicious behaviors, it is indeed a cause for concern.

It’s usually at the moment of conquest that the guy gets more dressed up, precisely to give a good first impression.

Of course, there are people who like to get ready and always get ready, but if he didn’t have that habit and out of nowhere he started to have it, it could be a sign of betrayal.

And the signs of virtual betrayal? What to watch?

The first thing to observe in cases of signs of virtual betrayal is how much time he spends in front of his cell phone.

As we mentioned above, more than 90% of betrayals start with a simple text message, either on WhatsApp or on social networks.

If the person wasn’t used to being glued to their cell phone and suddenly starts to be present on social media, liking photos of women and sharing their personal life, be aware.

Another sign of cheating to watch out for is if he keeps checking his messages or deleting conversations.

Conclusion on the signs of betrayal

As the name says, the signs of cheating that we talk about in this article are just suspicious behaviors to watch out for.

Unfortunately, the signs are not concrete proof that infidelity has occurred.

In addition, questioning your partner about a possible betrayal never ends well, as he may simply deny it or even play the victim, saying he would never do that.

Another thing is that this can be very dangerous because if he has not committed betrayal, it can even lead to the end of the relationship.

It’s that old saying: Whoever accuses has to have proof…

I hope you enjoyed our article on the signs of cheating and how to discover cheating quickly and easily.