How to make him run after me?

You entered this article researching how to make him run after me and you will come out with the solution so that he comes running after you like a lost puppy.

Which woman doesn’t like to feel wanted by someone, right?

Check out our tips below.

But how to make him run after me?

Few women know the mind of a man and this is essential for you to understand once and for all how to make him chase you.

Men have a primitive hunting instinct and inside their heads, it is programmed for them to be the conquerors. Men are competitive and like prizes.

That’s why we’ve made available below the 10 steps for you to follow, in which you’ll learn how to make any man run after you once and for all.

10 tips to make him chase you

The tips that we will share below must be used with great caution because once applied, they will make him fall in love with you. Come on!

1- He doesn’t appreciate you because you don’t allow him to chase you

Why does it happen?

It’s usually because you’re stalking him.

You have to let the man strive to prove he is worthy of you, i.e. you have to stop chasing him.

You need to stop texting him between dates.

Instead, you should let him do it.

2- Stop asking him what’s wrong or talking about how things have changed

This one is hard to do, but absolutely essential.

See, when you notice that your man isn’t calling, texting, or making plans like he used to, it’s natural to be concerned about why he’s changed.

So you watch for a while what he’s doing and eventually bring it up to him.

You’ve talked to him and you tell him you’ve noticed a change in him and you ask him what’s wrong.

Maybe he tells you it’s okay, he’s just too busy, or he says you’re too sensitive and asks you to stop worrying about it.

Maybe he denies it.

But if you’re like most people, you can’t just forget about it.

Instead, you start worrying about everything he does, looking for more confirmation of where you are in the relationship.

And no doubt you find an example of how things have changed…and that makes you feel worse and even more insecure.

So you bring it up again because you’re worried and want things to be the way they were.

But that only makes things worse, and despite all the talk, nothing changes.

In fact, the trend is getting worse.

So when you keep complaining it has the opposite effect.

Things get harder between you.

It’s like he sees you as the one who’s always complaining and pestering him.

3- How to make him run after me by stopping initiating communications

If you’re in this situation, I imagine you’re the one who started texting or calling him.

But you have to stop being the one always reaching out first.

Obviously, this is not easy to do because you want to be connected and communicate.

But if you want a man to really miss you, you have to pull away.

4- Be the best company he can have

I know it sounds funny, but when you’re worried that something is wrong, or that he’s changed, it impacts all of your interactions with him, it affects your conversations, your attitude… you’re energy in general.

You’ve probably already gone through something similar when you met or talked to a person who had horrible energy, and when the conversation ended, you thought: wow, what a person with heavy energy.

The same thing will happen to him, he will feel your disappointment and frustration and when you are together the atmosphere will seem much heavier and it will certainly not be fun.

5- how to make him run after me Prioritizing my life and starting to say no

In other words, don’t always be there for him by always saying yes when he calls and asking you to hang out, especially if he’s calling last minute.

Saying no to his last-minute requests sends him the message that you have other commitments, that you have your life, and that your life is fun even without him.

It forces you to recognize your independence and that you’re not just by the phone waiting for their calls.

6- Be a little mysterious

This means you don’t have to share every detail of your daily activities with him.

I’m not asking you to keep little secrets or lie about anything… just don’t explain every single thing you’re doing, in a nutshell, “don’t talk too much.”

7- Believe that you are the prize

You must treat yourself as if you believe you are the prize.

I know this sounds philosophical here, but this is one of the most important points and without it, the other steps really won’t work.

8- Forget what you feel and remember what you deserve

When you’re afraid of losing him, you cling to him tighter… and often end up begging for his love and jumping over the leftovers and breadcrumbs he throws your way.

Meanwhile, he’s living his life and doing his thing.

He’s not worried about you. He is not concerned with what you are doing.

Because all the time you communicate with him.

You complain about not having enough time and attention with him.

Thus, he feels safe and, because of his feeling of insecurity, his value in his eyes decreases.

9- Add glamor to your appearance

Dress well. Make sure your hair and skin are glowing.

Look your best.

He will notice when other men start looking at you and this will remind him that others find you attractive.

10- Vary the Timing of Your Responses to Text Messages

Varying the timing of your responses is based on the variable interval reinforcement program concept.

In psychology, a variable-interval schedule of reinforcement is a powerful operant conditioning tool used to shape behavior and learning.

Simply put, operant conditioning is a learning process whereby the strength of a behavior is modified by reinforcement or punishment.

Think about how you train a dog to learn a trick.

You give him an instruction, he performs the trick, and you reward him with a treat.

If you stop giving the puppy a treat after he does the trick, he will eventually stop doing the trick.

That makes sense, right?

Conclusion on how to make him chase me

Making a man chase after you is a task that requires some preparation, as you have to know exactly what you are doing to make it happen.

I hope the tips in this article have solved your question about how to make him run after me.