Love at first sight: 5 signs and 2 different perspectives

Is there really love at first sight? That moment when you suddenly fall in love from the first second? Or is it just a popular myth when it comes to finding the man or woman of your dreams? In a live setting, it can happen quickly that your eyes meet, and then suddenly they can’t separate anymore. However, it’s often like a game of chance if that first moment becomes more intense or if, in hindsight, you just regret a missed opportunity.

Anyone looking for the woman or man of their dreams through online dating does not seem to think that love is possible at first sight, since eye contact, as it happens live, is denied here. But even a profile picture can trigger reactions in the viewer that are equivalent to the signs people want to notice at first glance when they are in love. And when it comes to video chat, at the latest, you can be caught looking your dating partner in the eye via smartphone. We’ve put together some features that will help you recognize love at first sight, both in live contact and online dating.

Signs of love at first sight

1. You get nervous

Are you completely confused if you know the person live or via video chat, or if you already see their profile picture online? No wonder – because the brain puts us on an intense adrenaline rush when we love at first sight. This ensures that the heart rate increases: we have heart palpitations. Blood pressure rises and fat cells are burned, so we feel like a bundle of nerves charged with energy that is always available.

2. Love  at first sight always makes you think of the other

No matter what you do, you can’t get this person out of your head. You’re constantly wondering what the other person is up to, whether you’re hoping for a chance encounter or an online reaction. If you fell in love at first sight, you want to see the person (again) as soon as possible, and preferably be close to them at all times.

3. You feel an inexplicable familiarity

What is love? It lacks any logic. This person, whom you’ve never met before, seems strangely familiar to you. You immediately feel like you’re on the same wavelength, even though you’ve only exchanged a few words – if ever – in face-to-face contact or online dating. Most often, the person does not even correspond to your ideas of external attractiveness, which annoys you even more. The vernacular calls this phenomenon “kinship”: the feeling that there is a very special bond between you.

4. The person doesn’t seem to have any flaws

The other is surrounded by a glimpse of perfection. Everything about him feels confident and attractive to you. Small defects? There is none. You’re suddenly in love and you’re hanging on the person’s lips. Everything she says, writes, and does is extraordinary, fits perfectly with her attitudes towards life, and takes her emotional chaos to even more extreme dimensions. This notion influences your choice of partner. You want to spend the rest of your life with this person.

5. You are not familiar with the feeling

Have you ever found yourself in such an exceptional emotional situation? Not? So this is another sign of love at first sight. You think you’re feeling something completely new, that’s why it’s so hard to deal with. The mysterious unknown you feel makes each other even more interesting.

In love at first sight     is that really possible?

It hits like lightning and occurs in seconds. But does the emotional frenzy of love, at first sight, have what it takes to form the basis for a long-term relationship? Is it about true love forever or is there a cold retreat from disappointment after the big wave of love?

The romance of the first date

Fairy tales as a romantic model: love at the first moment is often told in fairy tales. It is the ideal image at the beginning of a happy relationship. Princess and prince meet, they dance together, sparks fly, and after all possible obstacles have been removed, they live happily ever after.

Conversation between friends:   This first eye contact and love at first sight moment is not only romantic but also a wonderful story that leaves an impression on friends and relatives. Talking about adventure unites lovers.

The reason to celebrate:  In a long-term relationship, you might relive this moment every year. The first date that fell in love, at first sight, is the perfect time to celebrate the anniversary – an important ritual that gives stability to partnerships.

Love at first sight makes you blind

Blinded by  Romance: Even if the love state is wonderful, it’s better to take a second look. After all, a love that seems suddenly great can distort perception. According to the relationship expert, partnerships based on first sight are statistically less successful in the long run. If you let yourself be absorbed by a stranger at first, keep your feet still for now.

Pretending to be a false reality: often, the person we fall in love with cannot do what we expect of them. Instead, we project our yearnings and desires onto him: our subconscious leads us to believe that this person is the ideal partner. For example, we exaggerate certain similarities that arise during a brief conversation. But in the case of love at first sight, the relevant attitudes, life plans, and moral values ​​come to the fore.

Visual attraction: according to experts, love at first sight often turns out to be a pure physical attraction – even if we don’t feel that way at first. Emotional chaos is dazzling, the other is idealized. He also notes that this form of gathering is being inflated. There is a social conception of the ideal that is conveyed, for example, by the media, but it generally does not correspond to reality. The “regular case” gets boring because everyone expects the ultimate romance to be shown and told.

Note: This does not mean, however, that you should categorically rule out a partnership from the start. But exercise patience, allow yourself a second look, and check which aspects you attest your counterpart can deliver on. Find out if there are really relevant similarities.

Conclusion: after love at first sight, dare to try a second

The emotional chaos of being in love is torture and happiness at the same time: on the one hand, it’s wonderful to indulge in hormone intoxication. On the other hand, it can be very painful if you later discover that the supposed prince or princess does not correspond to the real ideas of a dream partner after all.

Being in love, at first sight, can be exciting. But get inside you, don’t let your body’s cocktail of hormones overwhelm you. Otherwise, there is a risk of disappointment. Check if your counterpart is really what you dream of and find commonalities that are really important. So add a sober second look to the euphoric first look. In this way, you avoid a deep drop due to weightlessness from hormonal intoxication.