Butterflies in the stomach – About the causes and signs of falling in love

According to a survey, one in five respondents would like to finally fall in love again and feel butterflies in their stomach. That pleasant tingling sensation that permeates your entire body when you meet someone very special. But where do these fluttering magical animals come from? And what can we do so that they don’t run away so quickly and persist in everyday life? We get to the bottom of the phenomenon of being in love.

“Butterflies in the stomach”: where does the phrase come from?

Everyone knows the expression “feel butterflies in my stomach”, and this expression is ideal for the physical signs of being in love. There’s no better way to describe it, right? But why are we talking about butterflies and not nimble hummingbirds or fluffy sparrows? The expression was coined by an American writer. In 1908, Florence Converse wrote the novel “House of Prayers” and used the metaphor “butterflies in the stomach” for the first time.

At the time, Converse was not referring to the feeling of being in love, but rather meant a queasy feeling in the stomach. Only over the years did butterflies in the stomach become synonymous with being in love. In the middle of the 20th century, the term became popular, and since then, it has been the most beautiful way to describe the tingling in the stomach.

What causes that butterflies in your stomach?

Anyone who thinks being in love is just something emotional is wrong. Because especially at the beginning, the whole body reacts to it. Not only with the heart (an organ we associate with love) or with the stomach (where love colloquially passes), but above all with the brain. Because in the early stages of a relationship, this is where hormones are produced in copious amounts that wreak havoc throughout the body. This is how, for example, the different reactions are caused:

  • Are you always so excited when you find the woman of your dreams, the man of your dreams? This is because your body releases too much adrenaline, which makes you jittery.
  • At the same time, do you feel energized and stressed? Are you barely able to do a simple activity and are extremely tense? You can blame the stress hormone cortisol because it occurs in high doses.
  • Can’t you stop smiling like a honey cake when you think about your date? You owe it to the happiness hormone dopamine, which is flooding your body and even blinding you with love.

Butterflies in the stomach: 4 exemplary symptoms

  1. Heart is racing:  Your heart beats faster and your pulse is racing when you meet the right person.
  2. Stomach Tingling:  The fluttering sensation that can be found in the stomach area is also a sign. The expression with greater intensity can be compared with fear of flying or fear of heights, but it is in a much more positive context. Happily! Otherwise everyone would be afraid to fall in love.
  3. Sweating:  Have you ever noticed that we often wipe our hands on our pants on a date before handing them to our date? We do this almost intuitively because we get sweaty palms from nervousness…
  4. Communication problems:  Difficulty communicating can also be a symptom of butterflies in your stomach. Many have a dry mouth or stutter. You can no longer have clear thinking.

Weird? In fact. Because it is comforting to know that there is no difference between men and women in love. They all suffer from the same symptoms, just a little more or less pronounced.

4 tips on how to keep butterflies alive in your stomach

Can these signs of being in love be preserved and carried into everyday life? How can we make sure that the feeling is not a flash in the pan and persists even after years?

1. Date yourself

What’s special about appointments? Your partner plays the lead role, and no cell phone or to-do list in your head can change that. Take your time regularly and go to the movies or eat with your partner. Dress up and avoid everyday topics.

2. What do you wear in the bedroom?

The holey, faded baggy shirt may be comfortable, but it’s not physically appealing. Before going to bed, be sure to wear something eye-catching, like satin pajamas or a casual plaid shirt to get butterflies in your stomach.

3. Memorable experiences

If it was experience enough early on in your relationship to see the other person again, at some point it became commonplace – especially when you moved in together. Come up with a special date idea with your partner at least every two weeks. It doesn’t matter if it’s a night hike, a visit to the trampoline park or the escape room or a nature walk.

4. Not just double-packed

Do you and your partner only exist in a double pack? You must change it. Because separate hobbies, friend groups, or interests make each other seem more exciting. You have so much more to say to each other and look forward to your partner when he spends a night out with friends.

Conclusion: butterflies in the stomach. Yes – but not in the long run

The getting to know each other phase is a very special moment, and there is hardly anything like feeling butterflies in your stomach. Oh, how beautiful it can be to be in love! But this is exactly where the relationship trap lurks for many.

Anyone who misses that tingly feeling after a few months should be aware that it’s not absolutely necessary for a happy long-term partnership. Because butterflies take a break at some point and pave the way for the attachment hormone – the perfect foundation for a long-lasting and happy partnership.