How to find love: the right attitude towards a happy partnership

Is it really that hard to find true love? According to one study, 37% are unsure about the answer to that question – because that’s the proportion of Brazilians whose confidence in finding a partner fluctuates. But this negative attitude towards the couple’s relationships makes the dilemma perfect. Finding love without looking for it is difficult – much more often we have to work on ourselves to increase the chances of a new partnership. But we have good news: there are many prerequisites that guide the path to love. E: We can definitely influence that ourselves.

Looking for love: 6 important requirements for happiness

1. Find Yourself | Finding love without knowing who you are is usually not the best idea. Only when you learn to love yourself can you overcome self-doubt. Constantly thinking about yourself prevents you from opening up to someone else.

Tip:   To find the love of your life, you really need to be yourself. Trying to fake it won’t pave the way for you – even if you should present yourself better. Because: A partnership must exist for the long term. Bad surprises, especially where your own character is concerned, only get in the way.

2. Be ready to find love | Love is a very big concept, sometimes it can blow you away. Many expect to find love without looking for it. But before you start looking, you should rethink your own expectations. What kind of partner do you want? What character traits should he have? What things could you live without? When would you be ready to commit? Only those who know in which direction they are going can avoid premature termination of the relationship due to false expectations.

Tip:   Reflect on your past relationships and friendships. Think about the things that have always bothered you. It’s better to make a list and try to look at your situation in a rational way. Relationship type tests, which give you clues as to which type of partner is right for you, are also helpful. Even on your first few dates with a potential partner, you might be asked about a lot of these things – not very obvious ones, of course.

3. To attract love | Bright eyes, a big smile and an open attitude: who can resist that? It’s only when you feel really good about yourself that you look attractive and stunning on your dates. It is important that you have an optimistic attitude towards finding love and living life to the fullest.

Tip:   take time for yourself and think about the things that really make you happy. If you don’t already know why not try some hobbies – there are many hobbies out there that you can enjoy! If you are satisfied with your life and leisure activities, optimism comes naturally.

4. Don’t give up looking for love | Everyone knows it: this person should be – but they just don’t want anything from you. You quickly ask yourself “Why can’t I find a man?” Or “Meeting women is too hard” and give up, but don’t get discouraged! Your better half is also waiting outside. Instead of giving up too quickly, you should find love and always take new opportunities.

Tip:   get active and use every opportunity to meet new people and find love. If you don’t dare to go alone, invite other (single) friends on board. Go to bars, events, concerts together – all the places where lots of singles hang out and the vibe is relaxed.

5.  Allow Love | Being active, not avoiding social encounters and taking advantage of opportunities: this already opens many doors. To be able to attract love and, above all, understand what the other person wants from you, you must not only be able to flirt and send the right signals, but also learn to interpret strategies and thus be able to interpret the behavior of others.

Tip:   Start with human gestures and facial expressions. An open posture, direct eye contact, light touches and a big smile – these are all indications of basic likeability. On the other hand, those who leave with their arms crossed are probably not interested. So when it comes to romantic encounters, trust the right signals – and study the signals your counterpart is sending.

6. Search for love online – and find it | Sometimes it just doesn’t work out there in the real world – often, unfortunately, because there isn’t enough time for big social activities. But there is no reason to give up either, because online dating sites have developed a great deal of expertise when it comes to finding love. We know exactly which constellation pairs go well together and how we can put them together in the simplest way. Finding love without looking for it becomes child’s play – because we take care of the search for you.

Tip:   The more complete your online profile, the easier it will be to find the perfect partner. When it comes to finding love, it is extremely important if the chemistry is right – and this can usually be seen the first time you look at the profile. The more information you reveal, the more touchpoints there are.

Attracting love: with the right attitude towards clouds nine

Those who go in search of great love certainly have a lot ahead of them. Most important: don’t give up and stay optimistic! If you are happy and exude contentment, you will quickly become attractive to potential partners. Because that happiness is what you want to share. So when it comes to finding love, there’s no need to rush into despair – your right partner is waiting out there, he just has to stumble upon you!