11 signs that you are with the person you want to Marry!

While being one of the greatest moments of our lives, marriage is one of the greatest decisions of our lives. Knowing that you are with the right person is very important, here are 11 signs that indicate that it is with this person that you should marry!

You want similar things in life

It does not necessarily mean working in the same profession, it will just be a bonus, but you know life will change and evolve constantly, but it will not affect your relationship, you will grow together. Your long-term goals are the same whether you choose the city to live in, marriage, children, etc., you are on the same page.

You feel at home with this person

There is a feeling of comfort with this person, an unequaled feeling of familiarity, the time spent with him is free from all pretensions. It’s easy to have discussions with this person about anything and everything. It is soothing to be with her.

You get along with his family

It is important, marriage is not only a bond between two people, but two families. Having a harmonious relationship with your partner’s family will make you more fulfilled, you will not have to face conflicts or family drama all the time, then you will be able to have a good time with your partner’s family.

You want his presence

That doesn’t mean you can’t be alone, but you miss your partner when he’s not around. You love his company, it makes you happy. You give yourself space but even when you have fun with your friends, or watch a movie, you think about what your partner would have said in a given situation or how much he would have laughed, his presence makes everything better.

You make big decisions together

Whether it’s moving to a new home, adopting a pet, changing careers, etc., you always make decisions with your partner in mind, rather than being selfish and doing things your way. . You discuss things, explore all the options, reflect on the feelings of the other and then take action. You think of “we” rather than “me”.

There is no judgment of the other

We all have things we are not very proud of, we don’t reveal this side to everyone because it makes us vulnerable especially if we think they could be used against us. When you are with the right person, you feel comfortable revealing your true self to him, your partner knows all your deepest and darkest secrets, and the best thing is that he still loves you, he accepts your good and bad side.

You are an exemplary couple

When you are happy in a relationship, you radiate and release positive vibrations. Your friends, family, colleagues and even strangers can feel your love. Everyone could say how much you love each other, while struggling couples look at you with envy.

You have managed to overcome difficult times

Life is not just rainbows and butterflies, no couple relationship can ignore some “serious” problems. If you’ve managed to get through these tough times and come out stronger, that means you know how to avoid problems getting to the point of separation.

You are not only lovers, but best friends

There is a feeling of trust and loyalty between the two of you, you have fun together, and it doesn’t matter if you share the same sense of humor as long as it makes you smile. Your partner is the first person who comes to mind when you want to share big news. You love him not only as your other half but as a friend too.

Your partner is your first support

The person with whom you want to share your life should be your first ultimate support. Life can throw you all kinds of challenges, in times like these, you need your partner who gives you strength. You know you can win all the battles with him by your side.

You imagine the future with him/her

You married him in your head more than once, because you can see a future with this person, plan a life with her does not make you cool to the eyes, you say that you are ready (e) any as long as you are with him/her.