11 signs that you found the man of your life

You both fell in love with him and you are really good, there is no doubt about it. But how can you be sure that he is THE man in your life? Here are 11 signs that will let you know (even if you already know, basically fond).

1 / With him, you are yourself

No need to hide or appear to be another person. With him, you are completely natural, you do not seek his approval, you do not hide your faults. You are with him as you would be with a friend or your loved ones. He loves you, all of you, even if your laughter looks like a pig’s cry that is slaughtered, even if you are obsessive about cleanliness or a bit annoying or a jar of glue!

You don’t have to hide your faults or other sometimes dubious little fads! As if you were with your best friend, you feel confident with them because they never judge you.

2 / He finds you beautiful, even when you wake up

It is also where you like it most, natural, when you wake up. No need to use foundation and other eyeshadows, with it, you don’t need to “make yourself look beautiful” as you find it beautiful! Even on Sundays, when you have monstrous laziness about getting dressed and wandering around the apartment in your pajamas, he finds you pretty.

3 / You are happy when he is happy and vice versa

When you have a problem, whether small or large, when you are sick or when you are just sad without knowing why, he too is unhappy. Conversely, when he sees you full of joy and sparkling, happiness invades him. He loves you and cannot bear to know you are unhappy.

4 / You manage to project yourself into the future with him

With others, you could not project yourself into the future, the future scared you because you did not see possible positive outcomes. With him, the future reassures you, you see yourself living together (or this is already the case), you want to build, to make projects for two, whether professional or traditional.

5 / He listens to you and understands you

Even if you talk a lot and he is not always attentive, when he listens to you, he does not pretend and tries to understand you as well as possible. He is the person who knows you the most in the world and is always kind to you.

6 / You want to find it after your workday

When you’ve spent a rotten day at work, just the thought of finding it makes you smile. You are not afraid of the routine, on the contrary, you have found your balance and you are both happy as well.

7 / The desire is palpable between the two of you

Your two bodies attract, it is undeniable. Even if you’ve been together for years and years and you don’t have as many relationships as before, you still want it. You love moments of tenderness as much as frolicking under the duvet.

8 / You have the same vision of the couple

When you talk about love, marriage, raising children, life plan, you really seem to match. Whether you are traditional or rather sleek, it is the same and shares your vision.

9 / You love yourself even when you argue

When you argue, you don’t want to break up, you want to understand and find solutions. You do not stop loving him when he gets on your nerves, you love him all the time, even at the worst of times.

10 / You love him whole, even with his faults

It is not perfect and you are not perfect either, it does not change anything. You even like him if he moans all the time, even if he doesn’t get rid of his plate after eating, even if he doesn’t agree with you, even if he has gained pounds. You never wanted to change it, you like it the way it is.

11 / In bed, it’s the best!

S**xually speaking, you have never been so satisfied and in addition, over time! You like her body, her skin, her smell, her way of touching you. Everything about him makes you shiver and the legs in the air are exceptional! You know exactly what to do to give her maximum pleasure and the same goes for her.