9 signs that your boyfriend is also your best friend

It is often said that to be fully fulfilled within the couple you must have found the one who will allow you to be both the lover, the lover, and the best friend. So then, is your darling also your best friend? Here are the 9 signs that will let you know!

1 / You laugh all the time together

Whether your relationship has existed for six months or 10 years, when you are together, you laugh all the time! For a little everything and anything in fact. As if you were with a group of friends or your best friend, you film yourself doing bullshit, you make duffel battles, you tease yourself with food, you make jokes, grimaces, in short, everything is rolling!

And you know what? Not only is it wonderful to laugh often when you are in a relationship (essential, I would even say), but laughter has real virtues! It helps to relieve stress, reduce pain, increase self-confidence, and strengthen the immune system! That is the demand of the people?

2 / You like to do the same things

You both like to play video games, your favorite series is Black Mirror or Game of Throne, you like to play badminton on weekends, you love hanging out under the duvet for hours, you love good things tastefully speaking… In short, you are on the same wavelength and very often have the same desires!

3 / He tells you everything

He tells you everything, he has nothing to hide from you! Even the secrets that men often like to keep for themselves, they tell you! You know his worst shame, his fears, and his weaknesses. He also likes to tell you the most secret gossip of his friends because he trusts you completely! The same goes for you, you like to tell him all your big and small secrets.

4 / He knows your tastes and vice versa

When he goes for the MacDo of the day, he doesn’t even have to ask you which menu you want. When you make a sandwich, you don’t have to ask him what he wants in it. You know your mutual tastes by heart, you know what taste of yogurt he prefers, what meat cooking he always chooses, the foods they hate, those to which he is allergic, those he loves!

5 / You give yourself advice

If it’s not going to work, if a friend has knocked you on the back… it is to him that you will go to confide first because you know that he will never judge you and that he is always good advice. You are always kind to each other and do everything you can to help each other.

6 / You just need to look at yourself to understand yourself

One look and you’re done. You understand each other in the blink of an eye. For example, when you are at a dinner with friends, it only takes a look to let you know exactly what he thinks of what someone has just said.

7 / You talk for hours and hours

Really Happppyyyy! To tell everything and anything, you may be together for 5, 10, 15, 20 years, you always have things to tell you. You like to debate on deep topics, even if you do not always agree, you also like to talk about the little things in life, bullshit, work, gossip, and of course, joint projects!

8 / You have big secret files one on the other

It’s a secret, but you have huge files on him, like he has on you. Photos, videos, or awkward moments when you were there, you have some! You often laugh about it elsewhere!

9 / You like spending a lot of time together

Whether it’s small daily moments or frenzied evenings with friends or even in a nightclub, you’re always happy to be together!