10 things that change in your life when you really find your soul mate

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s always a bit complicated, we are afraid of doing this or that, afraid of saying a big bullshit and making it run away, afraid of losing it when we are good. In short, we ask ourselves a lot of questions and we are not completely ourselves. Nowadays, with all the apps and other social networks, it is difficult to still believe in romanticism and especially in great love. Today, we rebel a little against all the beautiful stories that were told to us in Disney and we want to burn everything that relates ready or far away to the famous prince charming.

So no, actually, Prince Charming does not exist, well, not like in fairy tales and fortunately! Frankly, who at the moment wants to be saved by the handsome prince and to be a woman dependent on his savior? No, each of us can find our ideal man, the one who matches us and no one else, not this cliché and obsolete prince charming, just the one who will make us vibrate every day and with whom we will feel good each passing day.

The ideal man seems difficult to find for many of us. Often, it is because we have not learned to accept ourselves, to live with ourselves before living with someone. When we really find the right person, the one we like to call our “soul mate” everything seems easier, everything is obvious. It is in this positive relationship that we can find ourselves while sharing our life with the lucky one.

When you find the man of your life, you know it because certain things change and pfiiouu that we are good!  Here are the 10 biggest changes that happen when you finally find the right person.

1 / You can stay with him without speaking

With him, as with your best friends, there are no annoying “whites”. You are not trying at all costs to fill the void when a moment of silence sets in. It’s natural, you’re fine, you take the opportunity to watch it. You don’t try to be interesting, you just stay as you are.

2 / You don’t agree on everything and you don’t care

If in your previous relationships, it was difficult to express a disagreement without it ending in drama, with him, you can debate, express your differences of opinion without it hitting sensitivities. You dialogue and debate in all serenity and you learn from each other.

3 / You are no longer in constant waiting

Before, you were stuck on your phone, as soon as it did not answer after ten minutes you told yourself that it did not care about you. You were afraid of losing it every moment. Today, you are serene, when he does not respond to a message you know that it is simply for lack of time, when you argue you know that it is not synonymous with rupture.

4 / You have no shame or taboo with him

He knows everything about you and knows your weirdest little fads and more… he loves them! You know each other by heart and love your reciprocal qualities as much as your strange little habits.

5 / You present it to your loved ones

With the others, it was more complicated, you were never too sure to present it. With him, it’s clear like spring water. He has already met your parents, uncles, aunts, friends … You are so happy by his side that you want everyone you love to meet him.

6 / You no longer brush your teeth every night

Hahaha I laugh alone because it is clearly not a mandatory change (on the contrary, IT IS necessary TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH: D) but it is true that you pay less attention to all these little things that you did at the beginning. For example, if you used to wax regularly to be perfectly gentle for the first few months, today you don’t care… and so do he! He loves you all the time and no matter how

7 / Little loving gestures are very often present

Wherever you are, you always have small loving gestures towards each other: a caress on the cheek, a kiss on the forehead, a hand behind the back. All these gestures are part of your daily life and you do both in a completely natural way.

8 / You laugh all the time

Even when you don’t do anything interesting, you always find a way to laugh. Jokes, photos, imitations, funny faces, nothing amuses you when you are both!

9 / You are no longer susceptible

You react much better than before to the nice valves that you launch each other. It doesn’t hurt you at all and you laugh about it most of the time 

10 / You no longer wait for the right time to reach him

At first, you would think for an hour and call all your friends to find out whether or not you should send him this SMS. Today, you simply call or send him messages when you feel like it!