11 ways to make him smile when he gets mad at you

Arguments and disagreements are common in couples. Although things are usually fixed on the fly, it can often be difficult to regain control. In this article we explain what to do when a man gets mad at you in an argument.

We bring you 11 tips to make your boyfriend happy and make him smile when he’s mad at you after a fight.

1. Sincerely apologize

If you were the one who made a mistake, put your ego aside and apologize to him. Do it sincerely and cordially, with the intention of improving the relationship.

He will value your attitude and, probably, when he makes a mistake in the future, he will act the same way with you.

Respect is the foundation of happiness. If you can own up to your mistakes and apologize, chances are you can be happier with your guy for a long time.

2. Invite him to have a relaxing massage 

Who would resist a massage from the girl he likes the most? Your boyfriend may be upset, but he’ll appreciate it if you offer him a massage as an apology.

Your guy may forget the whole problem with you when he sees the effort you make to make up for it with the massage.

3. Give him a big hug 

A hug is the most common and sincere show of affection. Addressing him, apologizing, and expressing your love with a big hug will go a long way toward solving the problem.

4. Be accommodating to him

If you think he’s too upset for a massage and you don’t know what to do, try something that never fails: act extra sweet with him.

Take care of him, talk to him with affection, make him a coffee or his favorite drink. He will notice your attitude and your effort.

5. Prepare something delicious 

You have surely heard that the best way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach. And yes, it is very true. So preparing her favorite dish is undoubtedly a great way to lift her spirits and express your apologies.

6. Play some pranks on him 

Women are not the only ones who fall in love with a good sense of humor, men are also attracted to girls who make them have a good time.

That’s why it’s worth keeping him happy with your good sense of humor by sending him jokes or memes that you know will make him laugh.

7. Give him your best face

Sometimes all you need to do to get rid of the anger is to show your smile. Instead of fueling his anger, smiling at him will show that you love him and want to fix the problem.

8. Make a detail 

If your guy always gives you gifts and asks you out, why not do the same for him?

Make him a card that says how much you love him, surprise him with movie tickets, dedicate a song to him, take him to his favorite restaurant… Surprises like these will make him feel better.

9. Indulge him with something he likes

If your boyfriend enjoys video games, go ahead and share an afternoon playing with him. If he likes sports, invite him to watch a game together. T and assure you have many options that are sure you will like and will help solve your problem.

10. Praise him

Sometimes all you need to do to make your boyfriend happy is tell him how cute he is.

Compliment him: tell him his hairstyle looks good, what his shirt looks like, or whatever comes to mind at the moment to make him feel good. Your boyfriend can’t help but smile when he hears your compliments.

11. Be understanding and talk to him

If you don’t know what to do when someone gets angry for no reason, compression is often the solution. It may seem absurd that he was angry about something insignificant, but I assure you that there must be something in the background that has caused his annoyance.

It is likely to be a previous problem, or something different that he has not expressed to you. Therefore, the best way to stop your boyfriend from being angry is to talk to him, listen to his motives and understand him. Only then can they clarify the problem and find a solution.