8 things that will happen when you date an older man

Are you attracted to the idea of ​​dating an older man or are you starting to date one and wondering what their relationship will be like in the future? In this article we leave you 8 things that will happen when you go out with an older man.

What will happen when dating an older man? The age difference does not have to be a problem for the couple, but it can cause differences in interests, attitudes and behaviors. Here’s a list of the things to expect when dating an older man, and the psychology of that relationship.

1. The reasons for being in that relationship may not be correct

We don’t really know our partners until we have shared a year or so. So when you start the relationship you should ask yourself why you are attracted to someone much older than you. Is it for love or for other reasons?

Ask yourself if you chose him for following stereotypes: are you looking for someone financially stable? Do you think older men are clearer that they want him in a relationship?

2. He may have a different agenda than you.

If he’s much older than you, his work schedule may be more flexible or he’s even retired. That means they will have more time to enjoy it with you. As the relationship progresses, you will likely want time to yourself and it will be difficult to get it.

The opposite can also happen: If you are a high-ranking executive in a company, you may have to work late with such a busy schedule that you cannot dedicate time.

When starting the relationship, it is important that you discuss these details so that you can find a middle ground and agree on ways to share together without sacrificing individual time.

3. You will realize that you are not as mature as you thought

He has been in the game longer than you, which means he has more experience and possibly more emotional intelligence. This is not bad, it is possible that he knows better how to handle some conflicts or arguments.

Older men are more direct and comfortable expressing what they think, that could be difficult for you early in the relationship because you will feel very immature. Ideally, you should express those feelings to them so that they get a good way to communicate.

4. You probably have an ex-partner or children

Depending on your age, your partner may be divorced or have children. If so, the relationship with him involves reaching out to his family as well. Probably her ex-partner as well.

He has children? How old are they? How is the family dynamics? Are you willing to participate in his life? They should discuss these issues before formalizing the relationship. Joining your family can be difficult.

5. Their destinations may not follow the same path

If you are considering spending your future with an older man, it is important that you discuss your medium and long-term goals.

Your 10- or 20-year plans may be different, depending on your priorities. Remember that he has already lived (and fulfilled) some of the goals that you have not yet reached. Maybe you want to get married and have three children, while he has already lived through that.

Like any couple, they must define whether they both want the same thing in the future. Is he willing to repeat some things that he has already lived to share with you?

6. There will be differences in communication

This is not necessarily bad, but it will surely happen to them: due to the generation gap, they surely have different media, different ways of expressing themselves, and even different vocabularies.

For example, you probably prefer to write messages and he prefers calls; or that before a fight you prefer to talk about the problem while he believes that the solution is achieved with a few words.

7. You have a clearer idea about his life and future

He already has a path in life and a consolidated personality. Therefore, you already have a clearer idea of ​​who he is, his opinions, if he takes care of his health and appearance, how he manages his finances and where he wants to go in the future.

Thanks to this you can already be clear about who he is and where he will be in a couple of years. There are pros and cons to dating an older man, and this is definitely a relationship plus.

8. There will be a cultural gap between you

It is likely that he is not addicted to social networks and his favorite channel is the news, while you spend half of your day on Instagram and do not feel so much interest in world events.

How important is that to you? If you want a partner who is as interested as you are in trends and networks, perhaps falling in love with a man 20 years older is not the best option for you.

Not all men are the same, but the greater the age difference, the more likely it is that it will be difficult for him to keep up with technology, entertainment and trends.

When falling in love with an older man, psychology tells us that both of you must be flexible, spontaneous, and open to trying new things for the relationship to work.