12 bodily attitudes that testify to someone’s attraction to you

It is said that body language sometimes says more than words, that it is the most transparent form of communication.

But how can you put this reality at the service of your love life? This is what we invite you to discover in the following article.

Body language is an integral part of communication and it often reveals our true feelings, whether we are aware of it or not. And the most interesting thing is that there is nothing we can do about it: our actions do not lie! They are involuntary and uncontrollable.

Moreover, the research carried out by Albert Mehrabian in 1971 is glaring with truth and is still the force of law today. This distinguishes 3 biases used by individuals to communicate with each other:

– The words (the verbal).

– The tone (the way of saying the words).

– Body language (facial expressions, body postures, eye movements, touch and how we occupy space).

The tone we use and our body language often become the most powerful communicative elements. However, body language (which largely forms what non-verbal communication is) can be used alone and often says more than all the rest.

Learning to read in this body language can be extremely beneficial to our interpersonal and social relationships in general. Indeed, body language helps us to decipher others and what they are trying to mean. It is a way to better understand what they feel and what they think.

Besides, succeeding in deciphering body language is a fairly instinctive ability: you just have to be “listening”!

But how can deciphering body language be useful in the context of our romantic relationships?

In that when we are attracted to someone, our body testifies to it and this well before we are able to conceptualize or verbalize this attraction.

And knowing if the man you are dating is attracted to you or not is the best way to not waste your time! Especially since we can be nice to others, simply in order not to hurt them and when we do not feel any attraction.

But if the words are misleading, the other person’s body language will tell you for sure whether you like him or not. 

And believe me, it’s almost an exact science. If a man’s body language tells you that he is not interested or not available, it is for a good reason (even if his words could indicate the opposite).

And the reason is simple: it is because the body directly testifies to what is going on in our brain, without any intermediary and without our being aware of it; whether positive or negative!

Find out how to know if you’re interested or if he’s just taking you by boat.

Here are 12 physical testimonies of his attraction to you:

1. An “open position”

Whether you are a man or a woman, an open position is a sign of attraction. By “open position” we mean: arms not crossed, a clear space, a calm face, and a relaxed position.

It just means that the person concerned feels comfortable in your company. When we are uncomfortable with someone, our body reacts instinctively, as if to stop the negative energies emanating from the other.

And we, therefore, adopt postures accordingly: by crossing our arms, by interposing an object between our bodies or simply by having a fleeting look.

A man who stands upright and anchored in the ground is a sign of openness. Likewise, if a woman coats herself in her chair, her body relaxed, it is a sign of confidence.

2. Lean forward and bow your head

When you lean forward, head tilted, you release pheromones: it’s scientifically proven. These are secreted by the body when we are in its social situations and they allow us to establish links with others, non-verbally.

Of course, leaning forward with your head bowed also means that you are listening carefully to what the other person is telling us, which is also a good sign!

3. Feet forward

When our feet are put forward (for example when we are sitting), towards the other, it also indicates that we feel comfortable with him. Conversely, if our feet tend to fidget or move outwards (the exit), this is a bad sign: it is a sign of discomfort, discomfort or insecurity.

Outward-facing feet mean that the other interests us, but rather in a specific context and not in love.

So be careful! If the feet of the person you like is turned towards you (especially if you are in a group), it is probably because they are attracted to you.

4. The attempt to be to his advantage

Seduction involves an effort to appear to one’s advantage, without necessarily being aware of it. The attraction is partly related to physical appearance.

Be careful, there is no question of “beauty”, but of the desire to be to one’s advantage when we are in the company of the person we like.

Pay attention to the behavior of the other when you are together: is he trying to remove the folds from his clothes, replace his tie or arrange his hair?

5. Eye contact

Does he try to catch your eye every time you turn to him? Are there times when he ‘steals’ a look from you, then looks elsewhere, and finally turns back to you?

It’s a typical attitude when someone likes us. The looks are the testimony of a love interest and the desire to “read” in the other. Obviously, a shy boy will be more discreet than a self-confident boy in his attempts.

The more he maintains eye contact with you, the more it indicates that you like him!

6. Touching your hair

If he touches his hair when he talks to you or sits in front of you, it’s clear that you like him.

It can also mean that he is uncomfortable or nervous. So, before drawing hasty conclusions, analyze his body language in its entirety (see for example if he smiles by touching his hair.

A man running his fingers through his hair is a bit of a parade. A woman wiggling her hair while smiling is clearly seductive!

7. Mimicry

We talk about mimicry when the person in front of us tends to reproduce the same gestures, movements, postures or behaviors as their interlocutor. This is something that often happens, especially between people who are already close to each other.

So be careful, it is a sign of a devouring attraction!

8. Blushing

It is a great classic and it is above all an uncontrollable phenomenon, especially when you are stressed. Generally, the act of blushing is associated with fairly intense emotions such as love, anger or embarrassment.

It is also an unconscious and concomitant phenomenon of physical attraction. It is also possible that her eyes may become brighter and her lips more red.

9. Having your mouth ajar or licking your lips

If a woman licks her lips, it is usually because she is seduced. Men, as an unconscious testimony to their attraction, will rather tend to keep their mouths ajar.

These two behaviors are the sign of a physical and carnal attraction, of an “opening”!

10. The smile

Does the man who haunts your nights often smile at you? Does he smile more when he is in your company?

If so, it’s a good sign. The smile testifies to our emotional availability and it is very easy to distinguish a feigned smile from a sincere smile.

If your crush seems unable to stop smiling when it is with you, it is because you like it!

11. Physical contact

Likewise, if someone seems unable to stop touching and touching you, this is a good sign. And even if it sounds accidental, it may not be that much!

Whether it’s just touching your fingers or brushing your arms, it’s a sign of attraction.

12. Looking at each other’s faces

The parts of our face that someone looks at and the way they wander from one to the other can also signify their attraction.

If he or she looks at your eyes, nose, lips, and chin, it is clearly a sign of physical attraction. If someone is looking at you in the eye, it may just be a sign of intellectual attraction.

And if you notice several of the signs mentioned in this list, be sure of its attraction for you! So what is the result?