12 Reasons Why Most Men Fail to Understand Empathetic Women

Did you know that for empathetic women, love is something even more complex than for others? Finding love is extremely difficult for them. It is as if no one is able to understand them. And it’s a very painful thought.

Feeling that you are not understood by anyone is as painful as possible. It is to live, constantly, in a feeling of loneliness.

But on the other hand, it is true that being in a relationship with an empath is complicated. You have to be prepared to make even more effort than in a “classic” relationship.

You have to have the will to get there and work together. Empaths want to love and be loved. They know that love is a powerful thing. They are, like many of us, in search of this love that transcends and uplifts us.

So I’m going to try to explain to you how a relationship with an empath can go wrong. I will try to expose some of the characteristics that many empaths share and which can become difficult to manage for others.

Empaths are extreme and intense people and it is mainly for this reason that tensions can quickly be exacerbated.

12 Reasons Why Most Men Often Have Difficulty Staying With an Empathic Woman:

1. Empathetic women are often more obstinate than others

Empathetic women never give up. If they decide something, they stick to it, until the end.

When they have an idea in mind, they don’t give up. They fight until they reach their goals.

But men, for many reasons, often feel the need to be in control. Thus, it is difficult for them to be in a relationship with an empathic woman and to share “power”.

2. Empathetic women struggle with intimacy

Often, empathetic women have continued disappointment after disappointment. They went from one painful relationship to another and therefore learned to be on their guard. So on guard, they find it very difficult to open up.

And while it’s not crippling, it complicates their relationships with others. You will have to fight to push it to open up and many will give up in the face of such a challenge.

But beware, nothing is impossible and with a good dose of patience, understanding and above all love, you will manage to pierce its shell.

3. Empathetic women need consistency

They hate uncertainty and inconsistency. They want a partner who is there for them and keeps their promises. Someone who makes real efforts.

In short, we remind you again, being with an empathic woman requires work! They will never be satisfied with someone who is half with them, occasionally lets them down or plays with them.

We, therefore, understand why many of their relationships end up failing. But ultimately, it may not be a bad thing: their requirement allows them to sort!

4. Empathetic women question everything

Empathetic women are asking questions. Superficiality is not for them. They need to understand things in all their depth and in their entirety.

It is a quality, as it may be a defect. It all depends on the person with whom they share their life and their values.

They will find it very difficult to be with a man who does not understand their critical tendency. They need someone who, like them, needs to question things in life.

5. Empathetic women are more independent than average

They are not very demanding from this point of view there. Generally, they like to do things by themselves. They are free, from all points of view.

They are independent and autonomous and there are many men who could feel useless by being by their side.

Again, this is not unacceptable. Let’s just say that empathic women need a partner who understands, respects and admires their independence.

Men who are very protective and who need to “mother” their partner are not made for them!

6. With an empathic woman, it’s all or nothing

As we said, empathic women can never be satisfied with a man incapable of making efforts.

Either you are with them or you are not. There is no half measure possible in this area. They want to share their life with someone. Their whole life and not just one night!

For an empathic woman, feeling loved is a vital need. And if you are only with her intermittently, she will not have this feeling of security and multiple problems will emerge …

7. Empathetic Women Are Often Too Honest

Empathetic women are not in the habit of embellishing reality. They are very frank and for some, it can be difficult to manage.

With them, you will have the raw truth and nothing else. They do not go there by four paths. “Frankness and sincerity” are a real mantra that guides their lives and also their relationships with others.

So, if you are more of the type to endorse a little lie of nothing at all if it feels good, you can go your way! Empathetic women are as honest as you can be!

8. Empathetic Women Can Read You Like An Open Book

They read between the lines and are able to detect any hidden intention.

If you are malicious, they will feel it instantly. If you are not sincere, they will feel it too.

For some, this quality may be suffocating in the sense that it can give them the impression of having no private life.

Indeed, with an empathic woman, it is difficult to cultivate her secret garden.

9. Being in a relationship with an empathic woman is an intense experience

You will certainly understand that being with an empathic woman is not easy!

They are full of energy and demand just as much from their partners. To put it simply, being with them is exhausting.

And for some, it’s unmanageable. The excess of emotions they give off is exhausting. But they can do nothing about it, they are so made.

So if you are unable to handle this, it is best to go your way.

10. Empathetic Women Know What They Want and What They Don’t Want

In short, they will not waste their time.

They know what they want, what they don’t want and what they don’t want anymore. They are clear to themselves. They won’t let you step on them!

They are determined, obstinate and obstinate. What character women! So, if you are more in search of sweetness and tenderness (although they can be too), of a woman who relies only on your advice, we advise you to look elsewhere!

11. Empathetic women hate the feeling of being trapped

They need their freedom. And they neither need to be healed nor need to be saved.

You cannot protect them from themselves and what they are. And this is something that you absolutely need to understand if you are going to go one way with one of them.

You can, of course, accompany them on the long road that awaits them. But, they must learn to manage their gift of empathy on their own.

12. Empathetic women are able to see the good and the bad that resides in all of us

They are almost able to read our soul, to guess our weaknesses and our strengths.

And unfortunately, this gift, however precious it is, is often the source of problems and disputes.

Being transparent is not always pleasant! But that is perhaps the foundation of the couple and of love: being able to accept yourself as you are and to accept the other as you are.

To be able and comfortable with the idea of ​​letting the other see the depths of our soul.

In short, being in a relationship with an empathic woman will certainly give you a hard time. But like all of us, they have their faults and qualities.

It is simply a matter of learning to live together. What is certain is that they need a man who can keep an open mind and who is open to discussion.