12 signs, that man is losing interest in me, why is this happening to me

If you have very low self-esteem, your boyfriend may be losing interest in you.

A man is visual. A woman should never forget that detail. A man interested in a woman may lose interest if she neglects her image. A woman neglects her image not because she is too busy, but because her self-esteem is very low. You need to become a more attractive girl.

A relationship is always under construction. Every day you have to make yourself better for yourself, not for pleasing your partner. If you become a better person he will be happy, proud, excited about your progress.

A woman with high self-esteem keeps an eye on her personal progress

Some men often complain, I’m losing interest in my girlfriend. One reason may be that she has stopped looking interesting. Many women, once they have a partner, stop progressing. If you no longer progress, you no longer have a way to attract your man.

Woman, with him or without him, your life goes on, your projects go on. Don’t stop your progress. Being blinded by the love and false security of a partner is a trap.

If he no longer feeds your love, no longer looks for you or calls you as before, he is losing interest


A love relationship is built when both are concerned each to communicate their emotions. Don’t complain, my boyfriend is losing interest in me. The responsibility is mutual, you will be doing something wrong. Take responsibility for what you have to do, for what you can control.

He is losing interest in me, it may be that he is not for you, but look at how you relate. You encourage or control him, make him feel special or criticize him. Build love in yourself. Don’t be stunned, my boyfriend is losing interest in me.

If he looks for excuses not to see you, you can tell, he’s losing interest in me


When a man loses interest in a woman he makes excuses. He no longer looks for you like before, you call him and he comes out with one and another excuse. He just wants to see you when he wants to. How to make him see that he is losing me because of his indifference?

If something stops shining or if there is another woman who shines more, a man may lose interest. Therefore, if he neglects you, what you have to do is not complain, but increase your brightness. I’m not just referring to your superficial image, become someone more interesting at heart.

Never miss the opportunity to turn each meeting into an exciting moment. Not only in love moments, but in your conversation, communicating your dreams, showing what you are, etc. Never complain, my boyfriend is losing interest in me, act.

If your man starts to lie, it may be, I’m losing interest in my partner

In a relationship, the first thing to build is trust. A man in love tells you everything about him and you have to reciprocate in the same way. But if it changes, you may not have been doing your part.

Keep in mind that each person you meet is for you to improve. Do not cling to a lover. You may be very possessive or very jealous. See love as a way to be free, not a bond.

Why would I have to lie? How to regain the interest of a man you love? Maybe he no longer feels comfortable with you, check how you treat him. Maybe you don’t bring exciting stuff. It may not be for you.

I’m losing interest in my girlfriend, I’m tempted to betray her

If a man starts looking at another woman, he is losing interest in his girlfriend. My boyfriend is losing interest in me, what can I do? First of all, don’t try to control it and don’t complain, we already told you.

Try to find what is distracting him, don’t make assumptions. It is the moment to communicate better and with more emotion. Talk to him about your fears of losing him, ask him what he wants you to improve on. But do not do things just to please him, but because he is born to you and makes you a better person.

That man can abandon you, you cannot control what he decides. You can only control your reactions, therefore, you cannot be destroyed.

If he leaves you, there is someone better for you. But you have to become the woman that “someone better” wants. It can happen to you, my boyfriend is losing interest in me, but you control how you react.

When a man no longer sees charm in you, he no longer listens to you as before

One of the powerful signs when your partner shows no interest in you is how little attention they give you. A man interested in a woman wants to keep her in his life, he wants to know everything about her. There are dreams, likes, dislikes, and plans to share.

But if suddenly he is no longer interested in being more emotional with you, if he no longer listens to you, something is distracting him. Make him fall in love again, love feeds on love. Show him your heart, not your ego.

You will wonder, how to make a man see that he is losing you. It is time to be more communicative, talk about your feelings but do not beg. Talk to him about how important he is in your life, but not that he is the only thing. You have your dreams as a woman.

Why is he losing interest in me if I want him? How to make this man understand that he is losing me with his attitude? Be grateful and act, do not keep thinking and learn from your mistakes.

If he’s not very loving anymore, I’m losing interest in my girlfriend

Why would a man lose interest in being loving with his girlfriend? What bores or distracts you? Again, observe your behavior. If it’s not about you, it’s about him and in this case you can only start giving more, more love, more affection, but above all loving yourself more.

Men love to be very loving with the woman they love. If you feel distant now, it is possible that he is losing interest in you. It may be that he has another problem, in that case he seeks to support him unconditionally.

If he pulls away when you hug him and kiss him, if he doesn’t want to shake your hand in public, etc. It means that they no longer see you as something special. Find out with love, not with rancor. Above all do not make assumptions.

If your boyfriend or husband increases the problems, he is losing interest in the partner

Sometimes you have a hunch and feel like complaining. I feel like my boyfriend or husband is losing interest in me, because it adds to the problems.

Disagreements and fights are normal in a couple. But if they fight over nonsense, as if he was looking to fight, obviously he no longer puts his love for you first. It is a powerful sign that he is losing interest in you. He may still want to own you, but he’s going the wrong way.

He doesn’t necessarily want to break up with you, he may have self-esteem issues. You may have trouble at work. He is not necessarily cheating on you, so never assume things.

How to make a man see that he is losing you with his attitude? If you truly love him, look for the solution in yourself for all those things that bother you about him. The way is more emotional communication, more love.

Do not accumulate resentment, pain, complaints, revenge, anger, because everything will get worse with that attitude.

A sign that your boyfriend is losing interest in you: He begins to compare you with others

How to regain the interest of a man who begins to see my flaws more than my virtues? Suddenly he begins to compare you with other women highlighting how best they are.

Do not respond with reasons, respond with attitude. If you answer with reasons, an endless discussion will start. If you respond with an attitude, you will shut your mouth. You can close his mouth with a kiss and a smile. You can show him what you are good at and how you achieve your dreams.

If you are a conformist woman who expects everything from her man, who does not progress, she will get bored. Because love needs food and that food can only come from what you can give. So cultivate in yourself the good that you can give.

Make yourself more beautiful, more competent, more loving, progress. Everything is in that, in that you shine more that no other than you can see.

Lack of communication is one reason why men lose interest in a relationship

Lately, I see that my boyfriend is losing interest in me, yes, but, how do you communicate with him. What is the quality of your communication. Many women dialogue with themselves and draw conclusions that condition them to attitudes that alienate their boyfriends or husband.

Think about your responsibility, it is what you can control. Don’t just put all the blame on your man’s shoulders. How often do you make deals? Going to the movies, doing some work, helping someone, overcoming a challenge, making plans, etc.

A love relationship is built by communicating, engaging in assertive communication. And it is the responsibility of both. Do not say, he does not speak to me, speak to him, look for a way to connect with his emotions, look for the magic of love.

Don’t give up, it’s not about him, it’s about your love, how much love you can hold in your heart. So, with or without him, love, love yourself.

How to know when a man loses interest in a woman? He is no longer enthusiastic

When a man loses interest in a woman, he is subdued, without spark, discouraged. I’m losing interest in my girlfriend and I don’t know what to do. How to generate interest in a man to regain his love for me?

If he is no longer enthusiastic as before … If it is not a personal or work problem, find out with love, it may be that he is losing interest in you. It is time to be realistic, what is happening between the two of you.

Check if you push him, if you do something he doesn’t like. Review your growth of what a relationship should be. Because the problem is in both and each one has to take charge.

10 more alerts that your boyfriend is losing or losing interest in you

Here are more of those signs when you say, my boyfriend is losing interest in me. Perhaps the same but in a different way of approach.

– Now you are the one who makes the most of the expense of taking the initiative to spend together or do something

– He no longer responds as quickly as before to your messages on the cell phone. Is losing interest in me

– Suddenly now the man seems to have more work and tells you that he is too busy to see you

– It no longer accompanies you as before to your social events, family, and with friends

– Now he no longer finds space for you or in his agenda, obviously, he is losing interest in you

– Their body language when they are in public is no longer directed towards you, it is like absent

– He no longer flatters you, he does not kiss you, he does not smile at you or call you to ask you things as before

– He no longer looks so open to me seeing your calls or when answering your messages

– Spend less time with you and the little time that passes seems boring. Obviously, my boyfriend is losing interest in me

– He looks for you only when he feels like intimacy and no longer seeks to be tender with you