How to prevent that man from playing with your feelings

When a man does not love a woman but he likes her, he has nothing left but to pretend love. In these cases, you will have to prevent a man from playing with you. Because when there is no love, it can only be a womanizing man who only wants intimacy and use you for his comfort.

No girl likes men who play with the feelings of women, less with their feelings of love. Simply because it doesn’t feel good at all and can only end in humiliation. The worst thing is to end up heartbroken and totally disappointed.

That is why it is important that you learn to prevent men from playing with your feelings. You must learn what to do when they play with your feelings. But keep in mind that each experience you live is the experience you need to be a better person. Therefore, better than complaining is to thank and improve your self-esteem.

How to stop a man from playing with you

When a man plays with your feelings, keep in mind that not everything is his responsibility. From the beginning you are allowing, you form certain expectations with that man. Many times we attribute to our partners’ characteristics that they do not have but we would like them to have.

1.- Womanizers will pretend to attract your feelings quickly

At first, just to get your attention, just to get you interested in them, they will call every night. They will try to be present in your life most of the time. For example, with messages, all day, and maybe they will sleep with you on the phone during their long night conversations.

All those attentions from the man you like feels very flattering. But it may just be a sham. When a man does not love a woman, he can only pretend to win her over. His bullying is nothing to make you think about him.

He calls you and sends you positive, flattering messages so often that you get used to it. Suddenly he stops calling you and you miss him, it is possible that now you call him. If you do, he will realize that he has you eating out of his hand.

If you like that man and want to keep him by your side, you will have to wait a while. It starts by preventing calls from lasting more than an hour. You can also avoid answering some calls or answering their messages immediately. The goal is to avoid creating a routine.

2.- Womanizers love to give affectionate nicknames

The shortest distance to a woman’s heart is affection. Therefore, a womanizing man will look for an affectionate word to create a romantic atmosphere during his talks. The goal is to break through to your heart and feel more drawn to it.

Some guys are very skilled at treating the woman they like very lovingly. Baby, honey, baby, cupcake, etc., are things that many women like to hear as their nickname of affection.

If this is what your suitor does, pay attention and be more careful with these types of men. It would be good for you to know better the body language of a man truly in love.

One way to prevent a man from playing games with you is to identify exaggerated flattery and finesse to speak. Keep in mind that it is their actions that count.

3.- Womanizers are very interested in investigating your intimacy

It is normal to be curious about our partner’s intimacy. But finding out all the details is not essential. But a womanizing man feels special morbid for your number of lovers.

Do not let yourself be manipulated, your private life only interests you. To develop a good and sincere relationship, what matters is what we do in the present.

No one can play with a woman’s feelings unless she allows it. Therefore, to prevent a man from playing with you, improve your self-esteem.

4.- A man who wants to play with your feelings will fill you with compliments

When a man does not love a woman but wants to possess her, he will fill her with compliments. For example, he will say nice things to you like, Pretty little girl, you always look beautiful. Even on your worst days, he will tell you, you look beautiful, you look great, but his actions will tell you otherwise.

Women like to be affectionate with her, but you must differentiate words of attitude. A compliment can make you feel good about yourself, and it will also increase your trust in that person. But be careful to go one step further in that kind of relationship.

To prevent a man from playing games with you, learn to differentiate attitudes from promises.

5.- When a man wants to play, he will tell you victim stories about his life

These types of men might tell you something like “women hurt me in the past.” They will share their victim feelings so that you feel sorry for them, comfort them, and care for them. Keep in mind that playing the victim is a way of playing with people’s feelings.

They will get very sentimental telling you how their playing with them affected them in the past. They will also tell you that they know how you feel. It is likely that they have really broken their hearts in the past and therefore do the same with their partners.

They will also say that they have changed, that most of their disappointments were because they behaved like womanizers, but not anymore. “Now all I want is to meet someone to take care of me.” In this way they make women want to comfort them, support them and be there for them.

To prevent a man from playing with you in this way, value what that man brings to your life.

6.- They like to say that “they will treat you better and that they will never hurt you”

Women feel very good when their partner shows them tenderness, they are very vulnerable to affection. When a man attends them, he makes them aware, they begin to think that he is the love of their life.

To avoid being manipulated by these affectionate expressions of words, take your time. Observe how he acts, because whoever truly loves is coherent between what he says, thinks, and does.

Keep in mind that just because a guy claims that he will treat you well does not mean that he will keep his promise in the future. That way you can prevent a man from playing with you.

7.- They do not like to be seen with you in public or for others to find out about their relationships

A womanizing man will not like to be seen in public with you. They will always seek private encounters with the excuse that they are better that way. For example, you will not appear in your profile on social networks. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to flirt with other women.

They may also say that they prefer a low-key relationship because they don’t feel ready. It may be, but it may also be that they do not want a serious relationship. When a man truly loves, it doesn’t take long to formalize the relationship, thus making sure that you are just for him.

8.- If they go out in public, it will be alert and it will be for a very short time

A womanizing man avoids public places, but sometimes he will not be able to avoid it. He will feel uncomfortable, he will be alert and that is when you can realize the type of person he is. To prevent a man from playing with you, enforce your tastes.

Many women accept a relationship just by having someone by their side or because they believe that one day it will change. In most cases, these women live imagining an ideal change that never happens and they end up hurt.

9.- They know that intimacy can create a strong emotional bond

A womanizing man knows the emotional power of intimacy for a woman. It is difficult for a woman to separate love from intimacy. That is why they always appreciate displays of affection before and after their intimate relationships. They know this and will be very attentive to those details.

Don’t be fooled if all that is in your relationship is intimacy. A healthy relationship with a partner includes personal and professional growth. To prevent a man from playing games with you, fall in love with someone who helps you to be a better person.

10.- Womanizers only want to flirt and have intimate relationships

A man who truly falls in love with a woman does not pressure her for intimacy. An honest man looks for pleasant moments, a womanizer looks for you only thinking about physical intercourse. When a man plays with your feelings, it is time to learn to know you.

A womanizing man doesn’t mind hurting your integrity once he gets what he wants from you. But a person who waits, who makes you feel good at all times, even with friends, shows his true love.