12 ways to know that he already knows you like him

Maybe the boy you like has already realized that he is your CRUSH, and you are only beginning to suspect that your feelings are quite obvious.

If you are trying to keep your love a secret for fear of being unrequited or send subtle signals to conquer it step by step, you have to know that there are things that are impossible to hide for long and one of them is love.

Unless your heartthrob is very clueless or completely inexperienced in matters of the heart, those signs that say “I am melted for you” are insight.

1. Pay attention to your feminine intuition, because the sixth sense of women is real!

Female intuition is a sixth sense that allows you to see what is not obvious to others. If you are suspecting that this guy knows you like him, then there is a 90% chance that your suspicions are true.

There is a saying that female intuition is not wrong. You must be attentive to what your heart dictates because that power to perceive what is happening around you is an unmistakable sign.

If you’re wondering if that guy already realized that he likes you, it’s because something is picking up on your sixth sense. Take it into account, it is not that you are a witch or anything like that but all women have the ability to see beyond their immediate reality.

Female intuition has been the subject of study in various universities around the world and the same conclusion is always reached: it is real. So, since you have that gift, make the most of it.

2. Conversations become more frequent, he sends you more text messages and is always looking for something to entertain you

When a boy knows that he likes you and the feeling is reciprocal, he will look for a way to be more in touch with you. The simplest and most effective way to do it is by chatting, in person or with text messages, through Instagram Stories, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or the social network of your choice.

Do not be surprised when suddenly more messages begin to arrive when you publish a story on Instagram, or text you for no reason, in addition, when they are together he will find a way to keep you entertained, the last thing he wants is for you to get bored by his side. This is an obvious sign and it is paving the way for you to have more than just a friendship.

We give you some advice. If this is happening, it is your opportunity to send other types of signals so that he dares to steal a kiss or ask you to give him a date. How? Suggest that you haven’t dated anyone for a long time and you would love to have someone like him to share good times with.

3. He always wants you to accompany him to social events

He already knows that you like him and it is very possible that you also seem attractive, but there is a litmus test that you must pass first. It is about the recognition of your group of friends.

It happens that, for the boys, it is very important what their companions think of the woman they will go out with. So it may be testing you. But don’t worry, there is nothing to worry about, we advise you to be yourself and act naturally.

If he picked up the cues of your love, then his next step is to show off to his group. He will be attentive to your behavior, your comments, and how you get along with his friends. It will not be a matter of an outing, he will invite you on several occasions, and perhaps in one of those meetings, you will also end up meeting his family nucleus.

4. He stops talking about other women when you are present

This is a very clear clue. And not only is he telling you with his actions that he suspects your love, but he is also making you understand that the feeling is reciprocated.

He will prevent you from getting the idea of ​​another woman’s presence in his life. That is why when they ask him if he has a girlfriend, he will make sure to speak very loudly about his singleness, so there will be no doubt that you heard him. Also, if you make comments about your ex, you will try by all means to change the conversation.

There is something to take into account. If since you are suspecting that he knows your feelings he does nothing but talks about other women, then he is trying to disappoint you and that is the way to let you know that he is not interested in you.

If this is your case, the best thing is to stop getting your hopes up.

5. Body language gives you away, so it’s time to pay attention

Did you know that you can discover what a man feels through his body language? You just have to pay attention to their movements to understand what is going through their head and here we explain it in detail.

Let’s go to what really interests us, how do you notice that he knows you like it by analyzing his body language? The truth is very simple, look at these actions when you are by his side:

If he raises his eyebrow when he looks at you: It is indisputable that he is attracted to you.

When he sits in front of you with his legs and arms spread: He is clearing the way for you to approach him. Some psychologists also describe it as being offered to you.

If he constantly touches his hair: He is sure that you have feelings for him and he is seducing you.

There is also a way to tell you that he knows about your feelings but is not interested in you. Let’s see how you do it:

By placing his hands on his waist when he talks to you: It means that he is not comfortable, he may even feel a little aggressive.

If he stands in front of you with his arms crossed: He wants you to stay away.

When you put your head on your hands: It means that the conversation bores you.

As you can see, you just have to pay a little attention to his gestures and you can decipher what goes through the head of that boy that makes your heart race.

6. Start flirting in an obvious way

In position number six we have a more than evident signal and it is about flirting. He will start flirting openly because knowing your feelings does not fear being rejected.

Sometimes men are more fearful than women. That is why until you are absolutely sure that you will give him a yes, he will avoid signs that he also wants to have something with you. There are people who are afraid of falling in love and if the boy you like is one of them, he will want to walk on solid ground before venturing into a relationship.

You will also see that he opens up a little more to you, begins to trust you, is calmer when they are together, and prefers to be with you than with the rest of his social circle.

One tip to put into practice is that when flirting begins, do not behave indifferently. He is placing his trust in you because he received the clues that something could happen between the two of you. So now is the time to see how far you can go together.

7. He will make fun of you to get your attention.

It seems contradictory, but men often make fun of women to generate a rapprochement. If he already realized that you are very attracted and that feeling is shared, he will want, in addition to being closer to you, to make you have fun.

And one technique that men have used for years is to poke fun at the actions of girls, but always in the best of ways. In this way, he wants you to smile at him, that you realize that there is also a flirtation, it is the simplest and most successful way to develop chemistry and complicity between the two.

We give you some advice if you want you can play along. Make one or another tease towards him, so you will give him good signals, he will feel that you are a fun girl and who does not attract a woman with whom they can have a good time?

But it is very important that the jokes are not risque, because you can cause the opposite effect. So, handle these types of attitudes wisely, because the last thing you want is for him to be away from you.

8. Suddenly he takes an interest in things that you like and that he did not take into account before

You know that he has received hints that you like him when he suddenly becomes interested in getting involved in activities that you enjoy. This is a pretty obvious way of saying hey you already liked me and I want something with you!

There are things that boys never stop doing, they are typical but they always work for them. For example, asking you to recommend a musical group or buy tickets to go together to the concert of your favorite band, even when you know that he does not like that type of music.

If you still have some doubts, you can recommend a television program and if the next day he tells you that he liked it and even becomes a fan, then you are dealing with someone who not only caught your clues but also feels willing to try something with you.

9. He tries to have physical contact with you

For this track, you must pay close attention because sometimes the physical contact between the two is so slight that you may be overlooking it. You will wonder how it is possible, but yes and it happens more times than you imagine.

One of the techniques that men use is to ask you to hand them an object and the moment you give it to them, they will take advantage of it to have a little touch with their hands.

Another way is that if they are in a group of friends and they tell a joke when they all start laughing he could give you a light blow on the arm and you in the euphoria of the moment may not even realize it.

It is very important that you see if he is doing the same with the rest of the girls, because if so he is telling you that he is aware of your feelings but prefers to leave you in the friend zone.

You can do a simple trick to find out how far you have information about what you feel and how reciprocated you are. When he touches your hands, give him the same action back and you can get as close to him as possible to see if he can resist the urge to hold your hand or waist. If it does, you know that you are walking steadily.

10. He starts looking for signs that you like him.

This boy that you like thinks that you are not indifferent, but before deciding what to do he wants to be sure that he is right. So you will start looking for clues to assure you that you are not going to face rejection.

To realize what is happening you must be very attentive to his behavior because he will also be very attentive to yours. These are the signs it will look for in you:

  •       When you are away from him, he will be on the lookout to see if you sneak a peek at him. So you will feel like there is more eye contact than usual.
  •       He will be very aware of everything you say and will not stop watching you while you speak.
  •       He will analyze your reactions to physical contact between the two of you.
  •       She will ask your friends about you, what your interests are if you have a boyfriend and in some cases asks the obvious question: if you are attracted to someone he knows.

So if you suspect that your secret is no longer safe, it’s time for you to start looking at their behavior.

11. Copy your body movements

Subconscious attraction exists and is very difficult to control. When the boy you like is suspicious of your feelings and is also reciprocal, he starts a process of seduction that even he himself is not aware of.

He will copy your body movements, not exactly, but if you pay attention you will find this clue in his behavior. It can be a gesture that you do a lot, some movement with your hand, or perhaps it begins to follow you everywhere.

Psychologists also call this friendly teasing because it is a way of reflecting on how they feel about each other.

12. Compliments you

We have saved this track for last and although it is very obvious, many girls mistake it for demonstrations of friendship. It happens that if a boy realizes what he really means to you, he will try to make you feel good and safe. So the first step they take is to pay compliments.

He can start by telling you that you look pretty, you smell good, or that he hadn’t noticed how nice you are. When he has already gained confidence in the field of love, he will dare to ask you out, give you gifts, and from then on all that remains is to start building a beautiful relationship.

We give you one last tip, if you really have a crush on this guy, return the compliment. This way you will be giving him more than a clue as to how much you like him.