14 Signs You’re Being Used By A Man And It’s Time To Ditch Him

You Really Like This Guy, But Deep Down Something Signals A Problem. Could He Be Using You?

It’s Time To Find Out The Signs You’re Being Used By A Man.

You know the saying, “love is blind”, although it’s a cliché, it’s true.

Being in love is amazing, and everyone should try it.

But you want to share your love with someone who appreciates and loves you back.

If not, you’re going to get hurt – and I swear I’ll come over there and kick his ..!

So please do me a favor and memorize these signs that you are being used by a man.

How to Know the Signs You’re Being Used by a Man

When you really like a guy, you don’t always see things happening in front of you.

When it comes to love, you’ll be surprised at the things you ignore or just don’t see.

If you feel something is wrong, you are probably right.

You are a woman, after all, your intuition is working in your favor.

You will meet a lot of different men in life, some nice and some not so.

That’s just part of life.

Learn to recognize these signs that you are being used by a man right away and remember him.

That way, you will suffer just a little bit instead of going through a huge heartbreak or a huge disappointment.

It’s time to protect yourself.

Take a look at the warning signs and put the puzzle pieces together.

#1 You Feel It.

You know when someone is using you.

You feel that something is wrong.

This feeling exists for a reason, don’t ignore it.

If Ignore it, you will only get hurt.

If you feel uncomfortable and suspicious, your body is telling you something.

This guy is lying about something.

And if he’s lying to you now, he’ll keep doing it.

#2 He’s Only Cool When He Wants To Be.

At first, he was super nice, but now he’s only nice when he needs something.

If he only treats you well and with respect when it suits him, he’s using you.

Relationships don’t work like that, whether you respect the person or not.

If you notice he’s super nice right before asking for a favor, he’s using you.

#3 You Have Difficulty Saying No.

You usually have no problem saying no to others, but when you’re around him, it’s hard to say no.

When you are being used by someone, he will use every trick to manipulate you.

If you fall in love with their tactics and end up doing whatever you want, they are using you.

#4 He Loves to Ask for Favors.

It’s the only thing you really talk to him about.

He doesn’t ask for anything else unless it’s about a favor.

I know you want to help him because you like him, but if he’s constantly asking you for favors, he’s just using you.

All you need to do is stop feeling guilty and say no.

#5 He Only Calls You When He Wants To.

When you text or call him, it’s total silence, but when he wants to talk to you, he calls or texts obsessively.

If he really cared, he would respond to your calls and texts like a normal person.

Maybe because he’s using you, he doesn’t see you as someone important in his life.

#6 He Doesn’t Meet Your Needs.

There are things you’d like to see or places you’d like to go to, but he doesn’t do what you want.

He completely ignores your needs and makes you feel like you’re just there to serve him.

And that’s exactly what you’re doing.

your needs don’t matter to him, what matters is that you pay attention to his needs.

#7 He Gets Angry When You Don’t Meet His Needs.

If you don’t do what he says, he gets angry.

And then he punishes you.

He ignores your calls or messages, posts things on social media, and makes you feel extremely guilty.

If he’s cheating on you and making you do absurd favors, it’s time to walk away from him.

He’s using you.

#8 He Is “Hot And Cold”.

This is an old trick, but it works for everyone.

It does a great job of emotionally controlling someone as it makes the person work harder for attention and affection.

He’ll ignore your calls and texts, but when you think it’s over, he’ll text you and ask you to leave.

He doesn’t want to go out, he’s playing.

#9 He Used You to Get Over.

It could be flirting with your best friend or stealing her ideas, these are all signs of a freeloader and manipulator.

You don’t need a guy like that.

It will only get worse with time.

He needs to get out of your life.

#10 He Doesn’t Give Back.

You may have prepared him a romantic dinner or bought him a shirt he wanted, but he never does anything in return for you.

He never takes you out, never buys you anything.

It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, even the smallest ones show he cares.

#11 It Shows What You’ve Got.

When you’re being introduced to new people, he always introduces you by talking about what you have,  not what you are.

You are kind, funny and smart…

but he does not think of such things.

He likes the car you drive, the house you live in, and the people you meet.

#12 You Pay for Everything.

Weird is not it?

Whenever you guys go out, he never seems to have his wallet.

Pay attention to how many times you end up paying for things because it will be a lot.

He might pay you occasionally to look like he cares, but if he’s smart, he’ll let you do all of the finances.

#13 He Doesn’t Remember The Details.

Her birthday passed and he didn’t call to wish her congratulations.

He doesn’t remember the dentist appointment you have today or that your mother is sick.

These are little details that people who care would remember.

He doesn’t care, he’s just using you.

#14 You Feel You’re One-sided.

When you talk to him, he’s there, but he’s not really listening to you.

It feels like you’re talking to the walls.

It looks like you’re actually talking to the walls.

He’s not there to solve your problems, he’s there for you to solve his.


You know the signs that you’re being used by a man, so what do you think?

It’s hard to accept that someone is using you, but if you think they are, it’s time to say “next”.