15 free activities for your first date


The first date is a combination of many things: it’s exciting, it scares, it makes you dream, it makes you laugh. One of the important things is to choose a good activity for couples and not to find yourself without knowing what to do. For those who have a small salary or who are a student, here is a list of free activities so that you don’t have to spend a euro on your first date


1. Go on a hike/walk

One of the important things in a first date is communication and getting to know each other. One of the great ways to do this is to go for a walk, hand in hand, and chat. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s always good to go out and hike in nature.

2. Explore a neighborhood

If you live in a big city, choose a borough or a neighborhood you don’t know and go and explore it together. Visit the shops, the small streets, in short, play tourists in your own town.

3. Find a free concert

Everywhere, and especially in summer in the terraces of cafes, there are plenty of small groups that give free concerts. If you have the same musical tastes as your girlfriend or boyfriend, you will be able to enjoy it without spending a single dollar

4. Geocaching

The geocaching is the new fashionable activity. Go on a treasure hunt in your city with your phone equipped with a GPS. It’s free and always fun to go on a scavenger hunt for two.

5. Make a board game night.

It’s not necessarily romantic at first, but a board game night can be a great way to have a good time together on your first date. You don’t need to play boring games like Monopoly, but find more interesting games. Why not a game of Poker with a massage as a reward for the winner.

6. Go to a museum

Many municipal museums are free on Sundays. Why not take your partner to a museum. This highlights your cultural side, a good point when you want to give a good impression to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

7. Rollerblading

Roller skating with your partner and hand in hand is romantic. A perfect activity for the start of a romantic relationship.

8. Volunteer

Show your altruistic side and volunteer together for a good cause and help those in difficulty. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering and I’m sure you will find one in your city. It could be distributing food.

9. Watch a movie at home

If you don’t have any DVDs at home, ask a friend to lend you some movies from their collection. Choose romantic comedies for example or a horror movie so that you can snuggle up in each other’s arms.

10. Go to a karaoke bar

In the evening there are bars that offer free karaoke. Show your boyfriend or girl that you have a hiding artist and a great romantic by dedicating a love song just for him or her.

11. Play truth or dare

Truth or Dare isn’t just a college game for teens. It can be a very interesting game to find out more about your new one and maybe a future partner.

12. Look at your old photo albums

Ridicule doesn’t kill and it can be a lot of fun looking at old photos and sharing your memories and key moments in your life.

13. Play video games

Video games can work very well for couples. There are many titles that can be two-player play and should emphasize whether you are good at co-operating. Important for a future life with two full of responsibilities.

14. Shop window

You don’t need to spend money when you go shopping. You can just try on clothes together without buying them and have fun trying out new looks, all for free.

15. Go sunbathing in a park/lake

In summer, get out of your house and go sunbathe either near a lake, in a park or in your garden.