15 obvious signs someone is very attracted to you

Intense and deep attraction, but unconscious?

Sometimes most of us end up mistaking someone’s deep attraction for us as just being friendly. Because of this, we end up not realizing that maybe a friend wants to be more than just friends or a coworker wants to get to know you better, that person you recently met would love to spend more time with you, and so on. . All of these excuses have a deeper meaning to them and our ignorance gets in the way. There is nothing wrong with getting to know those people better because you might just connect, the spark could be ignited for you.

15 signs of strong physical attraction

From a co-worker

1. Their eyes are constantly on you

You’re working at your own office workstation, you’re hanging out with a group of friends from work, you’re in a meeting, having lunch, or just making photocopies, but you feel like you are constantly being watched. This look is not a creepy look, but a look that shows they want to talk to you or want to be friends with you and are just trying to find the courage to do so. Give them a green signal if you think there is potential.

2. They talk to you … a lot

In the entire office, you are the only person they are always conversing with. You find that they are much more comfortable with you than with others and prefer to hang out with you than with others. That extra effort they put into talking to you when you’re at work and when you’re away from work also shows that physical attraction that is present but you can’t quite grasp.

3. They want to know the status of your relationship

Not everyone you know would want to know your dating history or your current dating scene. If they really start putting all that effort into their conversations, are caught staring at you, and are now inquisitive regarding your love life, then you will know what’s up. The fact is, they just want to see if the coast is clear to make a move to ask you out.

4. They give you their full attention

Even when they are working but you approach them, they would put everything aside just to talk to you and only to you, regardless of their tight deadlines. They make sure that you have their undivided attention to anything you may need help with and make sure they are most helpful just to you. This is another sign that they are attracted to you, as not everyone puts work on hold for someone else.

5. They will want to make you laugh

They would be constantly upbeat and fun with you just to see you laugh. Not only will they make jokes frequently, but they’ll make sure to do anything from pranks to sharing memes, just so you can laugh and have a good time. If someone is trying hard to make a smile, there is definitely something there.

Of a woman

6. She goes the extra mile

Women love to dress up and look presentable, but you can really judge whether she is making an effort for you or not. If you dress more stylish compared to when you go out with friends, when you decide to text first and not wait, and when you do your best to strike up a conversation, it is certainly a sign. Women don’t always take the first steps, so try to see what’s really going on.

7. Eye movement

Oddly enough, eye movement becomes the key to knowing if someone is physically attracted to you. Many studies show that if someone’s pupils dilate when they have a conversation with you; show that they like to look at you. Another sign is if she finds it difficult to keep eye contact with you because she is shy and women don’t get shy around a random person unless there are some feelings involved.

8. Personal questions

If she wants to know more about you, your family and friends, work, the past, etc., then she is making an effort that no other girl could do. The only reason she could ask you this is to get to know you better, so open up and talk about life if you feel the same way about her.

9. She laughs at your jokes

You can make all the jokes you want and play all the jokes you want to impress the girl you like, but it all comes down to her reaction at the end of the day. So you have to see if he laughs at your jokes or not and anyone can tell the difference between a genuine laugh and a fake laugh. If jokes that are mostly answered with a blank expression from a friend are suddenly ‘too funny’ for a girl, then that’s an obvious sign that she is attracted to you.

10. Compliments you often

If she often compliments you on how you look, how you dress, how smart you are, etc., then this is another sign that she might be physically attracted to you. Women don’t go around giving false compliments to anyone and everyone, and if she’s really making an effort without you complimenting her first, know that she means it and is probably physically attracted to you.

From someone you just met

11. They want to be with you constantly

If they go out of their way to text or call you, if they constantly want to hang out and spend time with you, take this as a sign. We are all busy in our daily lives and we end up spending time with people we really want to spend time with and if a person you just met wants to spend their time with you, that becomes a sign that they are interested in you.

12. They ask for your opinion

People take the opinions of people they really care about and trust, and whose opinion they would really care about. These opinions can be about anything and everything and if they ask for your opinion on things that matter to them, then you should know that you are already on their list of trusted people. You could end up going somewhere if you also try hard on your part if you have the same feelings.

13. They want you to meet their friends

We all have friends that we can trust in our lives and when we meet someone new, the opinion of our friends matters a lot to us. When we introduce a love interest to our friends, it is mainly because we take them seriously. So, if they want to meet your friends or introduce you to their own circle, you should know that they definitely want to get more involved in your life.

14. They ask you about your past

If they’re asking about your past and trying to assess why your relationships didn’t work out, then they’re trying to get more information about you. They want to know what kinds of traits you like and what you don’t like about your partner and they want to know why things went downhill previously. If they want details, they want them to put all their effort to chase you and that’s one of the main signals.

15. They are honest

Check and see if they are honest with you or not. If they aren’t ashamed to share their embarrassing moments in life, heartbreaking moments, and anything else that they might consider personal and close to them, then they sure are physically attracted to you. Sometimes people who are in relationships for months do not share personal experiences, but if you realize this with someone you just met, take it as one of the most important signs.


It’s okay to be oblivious to what’s going on around you sometimes, but we shouldn’t let that fall to our detriment. We ended up spending years finding our true soul mate without realizing that they were right under our noses at all times and our ignorance let them slip away making them think that we are not interested. So it’s important to keep an eye out for some signs like the ones mentioned above to not only see where things are going but also to get out of situations that you may not be interested in. At the end of the day, it’s all about signals and actions.