15 signs he misses you so much

The signs guys give when they miss someone

A man is known to keep important things out of the public eye. They would rather remain quiet in a corner than express their feelings to friends or family when a breakup occurs. It could be that they are just trying to save themselves from the rejection or judgment of the people who will hear their story. The same logic also applies when a man misses a girl. And when you do, you will exhibit several signs that you miss that person a lot. While I was away, I would go to hell and explain these signs to a friend again about how he misses you. Even though these guys would choose to say nothing, their actions betray their true intentions through these signs. When a guy misses a girl, you can be sure to find clues about the way he acts or talks.

But first of all, you have to understand that men are worlds apart from girls when it comes to their feelings. Men have a harder time expressing themselves, especially when it comes to breakups and their emotions. So when you meet a guy who terribly misses someone, take that as a sign to tread carefully, ladies. These are the ways you can determine if a guy misses you. Heaven knows you need this to fix whatever problems you have with that guy in your life.

Guys call a lot when they miss you

Modern technology has really shrunk the world. With the help of smartphones, you can easily call your loved ones when you start to miss them while you are away. That is the same case for your boy also when you break up and have no contact with him. Since he has a phone of his own and is dying to hear your voice, he will take the opportunity to call you whenever he can and tell you how much he misses you. In some cases, your timing can also go wrong. This is a sign that he misses you very much. Let’s say you have a deadline in the office or you are in the middle of an exam and he is trying to contact you. Worse still, he might even wake you up in the middle of the night while he’s drunk with his friends.

Boys put your stuff away when they miss girls

You don’t know, but when you break up with your man, he tends to keep his feelings to himself. Along with those aforementioned feelings, he also keeps each item that has a special memory when the two of them have no contact. This is a sign of desperation because he can’t be with you anytime he wants to. For example, he will cling to your old shirt while you are away from him indefinitely. Even the smallest thing will mean a lot to a guy when he misses you so much while you’re away.

Likes, comments, and reacts to anything on your social media accounts.

Have you ever noticed a barrage of likes and comments on your social media accounts? Well that’s a sure sign that your guy misses you a lot while you’re away. He is trying to get her attention by using various social networking sites to his advantage. I could even go and like your old photo ten years ago. That means they are browsing your page and trying their best to see you again. If that’s not an obvious sign, it means your guy has too much time on his hands.

You ask your friends for any updates or signals about you.

Sure, you and your man made a lot of mutual friends who are still in touch with you today. Since your man is missing a lot, you will use these people to ask him about you and convey how you are doing right now while you are away. This sign involves your circle of friends and could get complicated if you’re not sure what to do with your man. Make sure you know where you stand so you can act accordingly when other people tell stories about how much they miss you. Otherwise, you are giving your guy all the wrong signals.

Boys suddenly appear out of nowhere when they miss you

Another sign that your guy misses you a lot is when he suddenly comes out of nowhere in the places you frequent the most. Since your man knew your daily schedule, he has an idea of ​​where you are going to be. He could have a casual excuse to be there or is planning something big to get it back. In other cases, he may start his day by stalking you and waiting for the right moment to appear before you. No matter what he does or where you see him, he is dying to see you in this difficult phase of his life.

He does not give romantic signals to other girls.

While you’re away, you can’t force a guy to date other girls if he still misses you. He’d rather rot in his room than make everyone think he’s gotten over you with a new person. There could be many signs that he doesn’t like other women, but they all lead to him missing you in his life. That is what loves you and misses you.

Everything he says or does in public are signs about you

Speaking of friends, a man misses you when all he talks in front of other people is you. Yes, that’s a sure sign that you still like him. Even when he’s trying to hide it, he can’t help but make you the subject of every conversation. This indicates his intense desire to let everyone know how much he needs you in his life.

He prefers to spend his free time alone

If you are not at work, school or with your friends, you would choose to stay home and be alone. That’s because he misses you so much and he won’t suffer wasting his time if you’re not in it. Instead of being with other people who will never understand him because he misses you, he would be alone with his thoughts. And keep in mind that those thoughts consist mainly of you.

He goes out of his way to be in your life when he misses you

No matter what he does or what signals you’ve given him to stay away, a man will do everything he can to keep you in his life. While you are away, missing you is very difficult for him and he does not expect to extend the time you are apart. As a result, he will go the extra mile to let you know how much he misses you. He can do things he doesn’t normally do to surprise you and convince you of his positive change. You may have broken up with him due to an unpleasant part of his personality, but he is doing everything you can to change it. This sign is about your perseverance to get it back at all costs. Even the risk of rejection is so much better than spending so much time missing you.

He’s jealous of the other guys in your life.

A man cannot bear it when the love of his love is with other men. It is that jealousy that eats up every part of your soul every time you hear news that you are with someone. Remember, that’s a clear sign that you miss him and have to deal with this matter before things can get worse for him. Who knows? Your guy can be jealous and could walk straight up to his new man and hit him. That’s overboard, but the best thing you can do about it is talk to women.

He’s angry when he can’t speak or see you

We are sure that you have made up many excuses for not seeing a boy. Whether it’s for work, school, or something else, any excuse not to see him can frustrate a man. He clearly wants to end days, weeks, months, or even years of missing you. His frustration is a sign that he longs to be with you as quickly as possible. And it gets harder the more you reject it too. Some men may not see this as a sign that girls don’t like them anymore. We know that this situation is very complicated and it will not be easier for him and for you.

He writes letters or poetry to you as a sign that he misses you

By nature, men tend to place more importance on action. But when the odds are against them, they would resort to writing letters or poems to tell you how much they miss you. Everything you write is clearly a big sign that you are trying to get their attention when there is no contact between the two of you. If a man does this, it means that he has gone to one of his last resorts. But be prepared, because once you receive these letters or poems, you could end up breaking your vow not to see it.

His playlist is full of sad love songs.

When guys are busy or lonely, they always turn to their music playlist to help them get along. In case he misses you, you can expect to find a lot of sad and sad love songs on his playlist. Instead of listening to other genres of music, you would rather choose songs that remind you of you and what your current romantic situation is.

How you spend your money is also a sign

Most men are particular when it comes to their hard earned money. Some may be stingy because they know how difficult it is to win these days. All that goes out the window when the girl who wants to say the most needs to see you. Instead of missing him and getting depressed about it, you can choose to buy dozens of flowers, send hot air balloon messages, or have an entire orchestra play in front of your house. While this is not what most men will do, you can expect them to spend money to get your attention.

Said I miss you

When all else fails, a man will just walk up to you and tell you how much he misses you after some time without contact. Men would abandon all their pretenses and fears by saying these words directly to her face. He may be tired of throwing so many signals in the air, so he will only tell you directly.