15 signs that show that he is not that into you

Falling in love with someone is a wonderful feeling, but being rejected is something that women don’t like to admit. We have adopted this annoying behavior of over-analyzing a man’s behavior if he likes you. We give him stupid excuses while trying to justify his behavior. When a man shows you his true nature, you must believe him. There are no questions to ask you, as his intentions are clear that he doesn’t like you. However, there are certain behaviors in a man that should alert him if he is not that interested in you. If you keep making excuses for their actions or keep wondering about their behavior, this should be a red flag that all is not well.


1. You don’t communicate much

When a man is interested in you, he will move heaven and earth to talk to you every day. Will continue to send text messages. Also, every time you call it, it will answer on the second ring. A man who is interested in you will make an effort to make the relationship work by finding time to talk to you. If you notice that your man is taking over your texting or if he calls you back for several weeks or days, these are signs that he may not like you as much.


2. Is interested in other girls than you

When you’re with your man and he keeps talking about other women all the time, this should raise a red flag. A man who does not recognize the presence or feelings of his girlfriend and is comfortable talking about other women does not respect you. Also, when he keeps looking at other girls when you are with him, this is a major sign that he doesn’t like you. Don’t waste your time with him. Leave him before him. At least you will leave with dignity.

3. He does not introduce you to anyone in his circle

When you are dating, a man who is interested in you will want you to meet his parents, co-workers, and close friends. He will be proud of you and will want to show off his new girl. If you’ve been dating for a few months and the guy isn’t interested in introducing you to anyone in his circle, this should alert you that he’s not willing to make a life with you. This is a sign that he doesn’t like you and your relationship is stagnant. Leave it and progress with your life.

4. He doesn’t like you because he criticizes you

If your man criticizes you all the time when commenting on your physical appearance, he is not worth your time. If he keeps finding flaws in your physical appearance all the time and doesn’t do anything to cheer you up, it’s a sign that he doesn’t like you. He is using you; Besides, he is selfish and does not deserve you. As long as you are together, he will keep comparing you to other women and will try to change you to be more like them. Plus, it knocks you down every time they have a conversation. This man does not respect you and is rude to you. Never give in to a man who has rules about how he should live or dress.


5. Your relationship is only physical

An interested man will be sure to talk to his girlfriend and find out how her day has been. You will participate in small talks and you will always be served. He will text you and even call you. He will be more concerned about your life and will try to cheer you up in whatever way he can. However, when a man is okay when he wants to get physical with you, and after that, he disappears without any explanation, this man does not like you. He just wants to use you regardless of your feelings. This is an important sign that he is not interested at all, as an interested man will want to know everything about his girlfriend’s day.

6. Texts other women more often than he texts you

A man who actively finds time to text other women besides his girlfriend is not interested in the relationship. He never calls you unless you call him. He never responds to you and keeps pretending how busy he is to avoid being with you. However, on his phone, he texts other women with whom he is much more than you. This should raise a red flag. Don’t ignore this sign. This man doesn’t like you at all.


7. He has no time for his girlfriend

When a man you’re dating avoids you all the time and keeps making excuses not to meet, he doesn’t like you. He is not interested in the relationship progressing. Don’t ignore this sign and start making excuses to justify their behavior. It’s not your fault I can’t find time for you. This is all of it. An interested man will not avoid his girlfriend.

8. No physical or emotional contact

When a man you are dating keeps his emotions at bay, this man’s behavior is questionable. When he avoids revealing something personal about himself, it means that he is not interested in you. When a man avoids eye contact when you speak to him and whenever you ask him a personal question, he avoids answering, he doesn’t like you and your relationship stagnates. Get out before you hurt yourself. It is not worth your time.


9. Avoid visiting your home

An interested man makes an effort to show his girlfriend that he appreciates her. He will come to your house and see how you live. However, if you are dating a man who avoids going to your house or even avoids the street that leads to your house, this man is not straight. You should not ignore this important sign. Their behavior speaks for itself. This man lives by rules as he has a double life.

10. Avoid public affection

Two people in love can’t keep their hands off each other. If you’re dating a man who avoids public affection with you or even gets upset if you accidentally touch him, it’s because he doesn’t want to be seen with you or has other girls around. Don’t ignore this important sign. This man is not interested in you and does not love you. He’ll only get cuddly when the two of you are behind closed doors. It is not worth your time and you should leave as soon as possible. Never agree to come to terms with a man who won’t even hold your hand in public.


11. Do not leave the essentials at his home

When a man you are dating gives you rules to never leave your things in their place, stay away from him. Giving you those rules means you have something to hide. He may be bringing other girls, has a wife, or is a fan of order, but mostly it’s because he brings other girls to his house. If you accidentally put down a toothbrush, he makes sure to remove it. This is a clear indication that he doesn’t like you. Your relationship is going nowhere. Walk away before you hurt yourself. This type of man doesn’t deserve your love, and eventually, his rules will get on your nerves.

12. Doesn’t make plans for the future with you

A man who loves you unconditionally will want to have a future with you. He will have time to plan with you each step of the way. You will also want to start a family one day. However, if your man still avoids discussing any plans with you or keeps rescheduling your conversation, he doesn’t like you. You have no plans to commit and are wasting your time. Leave it while you can. Don’t make excuses for it.


13. Is involved with another person

Never get involved with someone who is a cheater. If he’s involved with someone else, what makes you think that he won’t cheat on you with other women? Men who are cheats are the worst and would say anything to get you to agree to be with them. Such men do not keep their promises. They will hurt you and in the end, they will never leave their wives for you. They only misuse someone for their own benefit. Don’t stoop so low and get involved with such a man. These types of men live by the rules and don’t call unless they call you.

14. Change plans at the last minute

A man who loves you hardly changes the plans that you two have made unless there is an emergency. A man who doesn’t like you won’t care about your feelings. He will not stick to the plans that you two have made, nor will he call to explain himself. This is an indication that he doesn’t respect you or your time. You deserve better, so give it up.

15. Disappears for weeks

If you are in a relationship and your boyfriend disappears with you without saying a word for weeks, leave him! It is not worth your time or your love. Such men doing such stunts leave their women worrying and wondering all the time. This is a major sign that he doesn’t like you. Don’t waste your love on him. There is a better man who deserves your time. It’s exhausting to keep guessing at someone’s behavior, whether he likes you or takes you for a ride. A man who is interested in you will show all his intentions in advance, although most men prefer to appear mysterious. Don’t stay with a man who has questionable behavior; You will only end up making stupid excuses to justify their actions. The above guidelines are signs to help you notice any changes in your man. If you suspect any of the tips above, get rid of it. Do not waste your time. You deserve better.