15 signs you’re just an option, not a priority

Nobody would like to discover one day that it is not a priority in the life of their partner. It is a hard reality to swallow, knowing that many people try to ignore the signs by putting things into perspective. There are certainly certain elements that can be rationalized, but when there are several at the same time, it is then undoubtedly time to reassess the relation and the course which it takes. Here are fifteen signs telling you that you are unfortunately only an option in your life, not a priority.

1 – Your partner does not bother to plan things in advance with you. This clearly shows that it is not important to him to plan with you or to have your opinion on anything.

2 – It is you who make all the concessions At this point, it would be difficult to call it “a relationship,” because you feel like you are the only one fighting to make it survive.

3 – You are patient with your partner, but not him / her. He / she will often be angry and stressed and give you the impression that you are not worth the time you are given.

4 – Your partner makes people understand that you are not the most important person in his eyes and never takes the trouble to put you in the foreground.

5 – All your interactions take place between 4 walls. Suddenly there are never meetings or outings, which leads to the decrepitude of the relationship by monotony.

6 – When you are fed up, he / she calms you down with two or three sweet words before returning to his usual behavior.

7 – Your calls, texts, emails, snaps, etc. remain unanswered. You know that he / she is often on his / her phone and that he / she has chosen not to answer.

8 – You often have the impression of being exploited. It is an intuition that is very often well placed, especially when the person does not show any sign indicating that he cares about you or what you might feel.

9 – He / she always apologizes for the fact that you cannot spend time together. When someone cares about you, know that they will always find a way to be close to you. Apologies are a manifestation of an obvious lack of investment and in many cases a lack of interest.

10 – Your partner does not seem to express any sign of interest in what you do or in your daily activities. When you talk to them about something that concerns you, they often forget afterwards.

11 – You discover that your partner is even lying to you about insignificant details. The fact is that these “little things” are not in reality at all and can hide fairly significant flaws.

12 – Your partner often gives the impression of being bored in your company. Going out is for him / her a kind of liberation.

13 – Your partner acts in a discreet and suspicious manner, as if he / she had something to hide.

14 – He / she absolutely does not seek to be interested in the things that are very important to you and can completely miss events that are very important to you, sometimes by removing them from his program at the last minute.

15 – The person rather makes you feel bad, sad and unhappy instead of bringing you happiness and bliss.

If we have decided to tell you about these unmistakable signs, it is because there is a reason. Anyone can make mistakes in their relationship choices, but the important thing is to be able to catch up on time, recognize your mistakes and not be afraid of change, because it can really save your heart and preserve balance of your life.