If a man does these 12 things it’s proof that he really loves you

Couple’s relationships are probably not as simple as they seem in Hollywood movies. The loving looks, the butterflies on the stomach, and all these little things are certainly manifestations of love in a couple, but that is not all. There are especially acts and behaviors that prove, in the long term, that feelings are always relevant in a relationship. Falling in love with someone is good, but preserving that love over the years is even better!

We then made the choice to share with you, ladies, these behaviors which will undoubtedly reveal to you whether your partner is still as much in love with you as at the very beginning of your relationship or not.

He keeps his promises

Keeping promises is one of the greatest proofs of love. This means that the more a person likes you, the more they will consider your expectations. The fact that your man keeps his promises to you shows how much he does not lose sight of your happiness.

He respects your family and friends

Respect is one of the fundamental pillars of a healthy and lasting relationship. It is not just about his behavior towards you as a person, but also towards those who matter to you. If he really loves you, he will also respect those around you.

He is proud of you

There are two types of spouses, those who will be proud of you and your achievements and those who will enter into some kind of unhealthy and illegitimate competition with you. If your sweetheart really loves you, he will not hesitate to show how proud you are of him.

He likes spending time with you

Among one of the most obvious proofs of love is the fact that your man takes the opportunity to be by your side. This does not mean that he has no social life outside of yours.

He is always listening

If your spouse really loves you, he will share life with you with his joys and sorrows. He will always try to listen to your fears, your doubts and your insecurities before doing everything to make them disappear and ensure that you are reassured.

He wants to have your opinion

Is a couple’s life really one if it only depends on the decisions of one of the two partners? Of course not. A man who is truly in love always wants to have your point of view, because you mean a lot to him.

He accepts your little faults

” Nobody is perfect! Is a phrase we often hear, but it is time to put it into practice in our love lives. When your partner loves you, he cherishes you as you are and ignores your little faults. He could even see them as something cute.

He takes you into account in his projects

In a couple, it is not enough to express love in the present moment. Your partner must also see you as an inseparable part of his life. If he can’t set up projects without you, that means he loves you.

He takes care of your health

To love someone is also to take care of them. Health is an important part of a person’s well-being. So if your man is really in love with you, he will always take care of you and will not wait until you get sick to do it!

It supports you in your leisure

Each of the two partners must no doubt have hobbies and dreams. It is therefore impossible that your partner really loves you without taking them into consideration. The love he has for you will always push him to motivate you to do what makes you happy.

He fulfills your wishes

To make someone happy, you also have to try to make things happen that make them happy. As life is not always easy, your spouse may back off from financial constraints. But in truth, you must not. Because true happiness is found in the simple things we do with heart and love.

He remembers what you say

Expressing interest in your spouse is one of the elements that form the basis of a happy and fulfilled love life. This involves the fact that your man gives importance to your words and does not take them at all lightly. If he likes you, he will remember what you say.