15 subtle body language signs that a shy girl likes you

Decode a shy girl’s body language

Girls are often believed to be mysterious, but the truth is that men don’t pay attention to the subtle signs that girls send you. Girls prefer that boys take the first step in every relationship. Expressing your feelings to the person you are interested in is difficult, and for shy girls, it is even more difficult. Therefore, it is your responsibility to decipher your hidden feelings and reveal your little secret. It is really important to unconsciously notice her body language when she is around you, to know if your girl likes you or not. Losing these minor details and ignoring his feelings for you could make you lose the most valuable relationship. Who knows? She could be the ONLY one.

1. The shy girl’s eyes speak volumes

Her eyes reveal everything. The eyes are often considered to be the messengers of the soul to the heart. So to know for sure if your shy girl really likes you, you just need to notice her eyes. Her eyes will tell you what she’s been hiding. If you feel like your girl keeps looking at you when you don’t notice her, chances are she’s into you. Shy girls will not be able to maintain prolonged eye contact. She might be the first to break eye contact and look away. If you feel her break your eye contact and look down, chances are your shy girl likes you.

2. Smile with her eyes when she likes you

When she’s really into you, she might be happier with you. Her smiles are very genuine as if she is smiling with all her heart. Your shy girl’s smile will have the power to enchant you when she smiles with all her heart. To find out if she smiles with all her heart, look at the way she smiles. You will see that their eyes also have the spark. When he smiles with all his heart, you will easily know because his eyes have the perfect sincere sparkle that tells you everything you need to know.

3. Your shy girl touches her hair

When your shy girl is interested in you, watch her body language. Are you touching your hair? If you notice these signs of your shy little girl. Most likely, she wants you to notice her. Watch his body language when he’s around his other friends, too. If she only touches her hair when you’re around, chances are she’s interested in you.

4. She looks at your lips

Consider your gaze. If your shy girl likes you, you will notice her eyes shift from your eyes to your lips. This is a tell-tale sign that he likes you. She could be secretly hinting that she likes you and wants to take your relationship to the next level, to be just a friend. Look at her for this body language, as she is a clear sign to tell you that she likes you.

5. Your shy girl is at an angle to you

When your shy girl leans her body towards you, even when you’re far away, it’s a sure sign that she likes you. Look at her carefully. If she unconsciously turns her body towards you, she is most likely interested in you. Shy girls will find little gestures like leaning towards you to be a way of telling you that she likes you. So when you view this behavior of hers as something that she does only with you, then she probably likes you more than a friend.

6. She is close to you

If your shy girl likes you, you can easily tell when you find her around you. She will find excuses to be around you all the time. Even when you are in a group, she is usually by your side. Her way of always being close to you is to secretly tell you that she is interested in you. If you notice this in his body language and he’s only doing it to you, chances are he likes you, but he’s too shy to tell you.

7. Anxious around you if she likes you

If your shy girl likes you, you might notice that she’s a little nervous with you. She could be playing with her hands, rubbing her hands, or scratching her nails. Take a second to read your shy girl’s body language to see if she likes you. This is a clear signal to know if she is interested in you. When she gets anxious around you, she feels nervous and doesn’t want to make a negative impression when she’s with you. It is an important sign that tells you that he likes you.

8. Your girl touches you when she likes you

Your girl might be sending you the most obvious signal by touching you. She could find all the reasons to touch you. The most obvious place he would touch you is in your arms. Observe his sensitive behavior when he is also with other boys, it could be his nature. So be sure to rule that option out before jumping to conclusions. If she’s picky about you, she likely wants to take your relationship to the next level. This is clear body language that says she is interested in you.

9. Crossing and uncrossing her legs

Noticing your girl’s legs can help you crack her code. Your legs are one of the most notable gifts, as you might not even realize what you are doing. Your shy girl might be crossing her legs and uncrossing them frequently. She could be doing this unconsciously, and these are gestures that she cannot fake. This is a crystal clear sign telling you that he likes you.

10. Dilated pupils

Pupil dilation is an obvious sign that tells you that she is interested in you. You may want to observe your shy little girl’s eyes because of her pupil dilation. It is a very common sign. If your girl is attracted to you, her pupils may dilate. If you see this, you are in luck. Your shy girl is interested in you. But, if you notice that his pupils are contracting, it is not good for you. Most likely, you are not interested. So, consider this sign carefully, and you may reveal your shy little girl’s little secret.

11. Hit their eyes

Look at their eyes. If you find that she is looking around you, chances are she likes you. Fighting her eyes makes her feel like she looks cute, so to make a good impression and impress you that she likes you. If she makes a lot of glances when she’s around you, it’s a good sign that your girl is secretly telling you that she likes you.

12. Your girl blushes a lot

Do you notice that your shy girl blushes a lot when you are around? Flushing is an involuntary reaction that occurs without her noticing. So when you notice her blushing a lot, she probably likes you. Your shy girl tends to blush more when she’s interested in you. Blushing around you could be a sure sign that he likes you. So repeat yourself the next time he blushes, that he adores you.

13. Watch her tone of voice

Your shy girl’s tone of voice tells you whether or not she is attracted to you. If she has reached a maximum interest in you, she might have a higher tone of voice around you. Your shy girl’s voice could be a bit kinder and it could also be high-pitched just around you. She can be excited when you are around, and that is the reason why you may find her voice getting a little high-pitched. This is a great sign telling you that he likes you.

14. Sidearms

When a shy girl is comfortable around you, she will keep her arms relaxed and open. You might consider crossing your arms as a sign of having a closed attitude. They may want to have an inviting and welcoming demeanor when you are around. So, you will always find his arms by his side. Another reason to keep your arms by your side would be to portray your best features. You may want to show your best facial side by having your arms by your side, which will show off your prominent side. This tells you that she admires you and wants to impress you with her charms.

15. Reflect on her actions

Your shy girl could be mirroring your actions without realizing it. The reason behind this is that he really likes you. She could be mirroring your body language unconsciously. If you find her copying your body language, then take it as a clear sign that she likes you.

If you find any of these signs repeatedly in your shy girl’s body language, then she could probably be interested in you. But if you find only one or two signs, they are likely a mere coincidence. Try to make sure before confronting her. Shy girls may not make big romantic gestures to express their feelings for you, but she can make little body language hints that she likes you. Now that you know your shy girl likes you. It’s time for you to make a move. If you don’t have feelings for her, it is wise to let her know how you feel about her. Then she could accept the fact that you don’t like him and move on with her life. If you have feelings for her, then you are in good luck. Ask her for an appointment, go out, spend valuable time with each other. Understand us, be patient. You will know that after the first step it gets a little easier when you try to get into a relationship. All the best!